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Bubbly Blueberry Jelly: A Probiotic-Rich Recipe 💜

August 2012 - II 007 (2)We pick blueberries every year …. most of them get frozen whole on trays or pureed/poured into ice cube trays; both of which get tossed into Ziploc freezer bags for enjoying whole or adding to smoothies all winter long. I also reserve some for jello, almond crusted tarts, fruit leather, and of course blueberry jelly 🙂

I stopped eating normal jam a few years back when I started on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D) to heal my systemic yeast overgrowth. This gut healing protocol meant avoiding all forms of sugar, including jam and that is exactly what I did.  Jelly contains concentrated amounts of fruit sugar/fructose; a perfect food for the pathogenic yeast organisms (aka Candida albicans) living in your body. Taking jelly, and other forms of sugar, off your food list means you stand a better chance at starving out the excess yeast …. a process known as ‘die-off‘. Same goes for honey, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, and sucanat. All of these foods feed yeast and prevent the body from doing what it does best which is to balance itself out.

The good news is there are three “sugars” allowed on B.E.D. They are lakanto, ecobloom, and stevia. None of these influence blood sugar and are safe for those with a compromised inner ecosystem and diabetics too. A few months into my sugar-free diet, I got the idea to kefir the jars homemade blueberry jelly in my pantry in hopes to get the sugar content down to next to nil. I had already kefired lots of other stuff, so this was not a real stretch. I did a trial run and it worked! Super easy and probiotic-rich, recipe below.

Bubbly Blueberry Jelly: A Probiotic-Rich Recipe 💜

Makes: As much as you want!


1 (8oz) jar of organic, sugar-free blueberry jelly

1 1/2 Tbsp young coconut kefir (homemade or store-bought)


  1. Clean a one cup Mason jar until squeaky clean.
  2. Mix ingredients together.
  3. Screw on lid.
  4. Let sit in a warm spot for 2-3 days at 72-74°F degrees F (we sell oven kits to maintain consistent temperatures).
  5. The probiotics have done their magic when bubbles rise up the sides of the jar and lid becomes pressurized.
  6. Store in fridge and eat within a week.
  7. Check out tips & tricks to maintain a bubbly jelly.

On B.E.D. or practicing food combining??

I think this recipe is best for the later stages of B.E.D. or another kind of gut healing diet. Least, this is what I did. The longer you kefir the jelly, the less fruit sugar you will have in there, so play with things and see how this food works for you.

There is also the food combining to mention. In my opinion probiotic jelly is considered a fruit and best combined with soaked nuts, cheese, fats, and other fruits. I food combine to a “T” and swear by it for keeping gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable digestive issues at bay.

All said, we use this jelly in the morning by the spoonful. Sometimes mixed into a bowl of milk kefir, chia seeds, and green powder. Sometimes swirled into a bowl of coconut pudding with grated sour green apple and soaked almonds. Our favorite though is to slather it on raw flax crackers with cultured butter.

Now, we can eat any kind of jelly without all that sugar and way more probiotics! Win-win in my book 🕺

picking blueberries

Tips on Making Bubbly Jelly

My Food Combining Chart

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May all bellies be happy!

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