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The Gift of Placenta Encapsulation

Thomas’ Placenta!

When my youngest turned 5, I gave myself a gift for bringing this fine boy into our world by encapsulating his placenta. Yes it was 5 years old and its hormone and nutrient levels might be nil, but what do I have to lose?

A colleague encapsulated her 2 year-old’s frozen placenta and felt inner calm return almost immediately. She struggled with hemorrhoids since the birth of that child  and they disappeared 2 days after taking pills.

My gift for bringing this fine boy into our world!

As a PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulationist, I have cared for many a placenta; seeing firsthand the benefits that many mothers experience after taking their “happy pills”. I have witnessed breast milk come pouring in; wacky moods become balanced; anemia disappear; and deep sleep return!

Ready for the Dehydrator

Convinced of the power of placenta pills I decided to see what my own placenta could offer instead of planting it under an apple tree as we had planned to do!  Luckily, I had stored it safely in doubled Ziploc bags so freezer burn was minimal – amazingly.

After thawing it, I set to work while a dear friend took the pictures you see here. My son, Thomas, was by my side fascinated by the blood – and the “long” umbilical cord that helped feed him while inside Momma!

Convinced of the power of placenta pills I decided to see what my own placenta could offer.

Other than a bit of film on outside of placenta (from being frozen so long), it was no different to work on than fresh placenta. The color was a rich red and the process beautiful! I had a cup of Mother’s Broth (liquid from steaming placenta) while my placenta dehydrated. Thomas helped to pack and fill capsules for a total of 87 pills.

Time to Encapsulate!

We then made a Placenta Tincture by pouring alcohol over a piece of dried placenta. Left to steep for the next 6 weeks, this medicinal home remedy can be used as a lifetime constitutional remedy for both of us and is especially helpful at calming nerves, soothing fears, easing PMS and digestive troubles. We shook it and found a dark, cool spot in a kitchen cabinet to store.

My Capsules!!

I’ve had 3 doses so far, so will keep everyone posted. I do know that after drinking the Broth I felt an instant feeling of being grounded and somewhat drugged in my head. Only way to describe was a strong calm in my eyes and brain.

I also woke with a calm in pit of my belly and felt rooted in…a great feeling when you typically race this way and that. All said, I am glad I took the time out of my busy schedule to do something to nourish myself.

Even if I don’t get the levels of hormones and nutrients that my placenta could have given in my first weeks postpartum, I did get a taste. I look forward to the coming days to see if I feel any other changes.

 Happy Birthday Thomas!

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