Placenta Encapsulation – Tea & Tincture

Placenta Tea & Tincture

Placenta tea and tincture are provided as part of my service at no additional cost. Both can be used in conjunction with your capsules and contain similar benefits; especially helping to balance hormones 🙂 You will receive a handout on the day of my service with suggested dosage ideas on using your tea and tincture.


Even moms who tells me they won’t drink the tea, end up drinking it! They tell me they are glad they did. I am glad too as the tea delivers more hormones then the entire jar of capsules. This is exactly what most new moms need right after giving birth. When I return a couple hours later they have usually deeply slept and eyes are bright and alert. Perhaps something primal happens after a woman gives birth that makes odd things, like drinking placenta tea, seem like a good idea.

The tea is steeped with lactation-friendly herbs (i.e. spearmint, fennel), lightly sweetened with honey, and poured into a disposable cup for you to drink in the days after birth. Any remaining tea is frozen into ice cube trays that I bring and popped into a labeled Ziploc and placed in your freezer for those times you need a quick lift or moment of calm. 

I am thrilled to sip this nourishing tea. My baby is 2 days old and Tara’s in my kitchen making capsules, gorgeous prints, and tincture. I’m resting and the tea is just what I need. Thank you for this wonderful experience. B.L., Burlington


Made by pouring alcohol over dried and powdered placenta, the tincture is left to steep in a cool, dark spot for 6 weeks. This medicinal remedy is used as a lifetime constitutional remedy for you and baby to calm nerves, soothe anxiety, relieve p.m.s., and ease digestive troubles. 

Placenta tincture is a way to extend many of the same benefits that capsules provide; especially after they are gone because tincture lasts a long time when stored properly. You can take a portion of tincture to an herbalist and have them made into homeopathic sugar pellets.

Tincture can be used anytime hormones are out of whack (i.e. anxiety, stress, irritability) or reserve for when menstrual period returns. You can also save for when you hit menopause! Tincture can be given to baby for colic, teething, and rash (mix into salve) or save for when older, during times of distress (i.e. going to day-care or school, separation anxiety), or for common childhood illnesses like coughing.

Fee: There is no additional charge for tea or tincture.

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Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research. However, statements here aren’t evaluated by FDA and products from these services aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please make decisions in regards to consuming placenta with a licensed care provider. I am not a doctor, holistic practitioner, pharmaceutical representative, or herbalist. Women using this service take responsibility for using placenta capsules at own risk.