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Celebrating Easter on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

These fun, alternative Easter ideas are for The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) or another gut healing protocol you practice. My own kids started B.E.D. when they were 2 and 7, so I’ve had years to perfect the holidays; Easter is by far the easiest!

Food is often central on Easter Sunday, especially sugar and man-made colors, and going without this stuff can be easy (or not) depending how old your kids are and what everyone is used to. My 11 yr. old attends Waldorf school and is more cocooned from mainstream society than his older brother who is 17 and in the public high school. My youngest is far easier to please, yet both have eaten differently then most kids their age, so are fairly open to what I come up with.

Celebrating Easter with B.E.D. doesn’t need to equal boring. Far from it! It just takes creativity and a bit of  thinking ahead. I put together the list below to help make your holiday fun, instead of stressful. Having a non-traditional Easter means changing how things might be done before you started B.E.D. or how you may have celebrated as a kid. It means making your own traditions and passing them along to your own children.

None of the ideas below contain gluten, refined sugar, or pasteurized dairy. Most of the food is good for Stage 1, while others are best as an occasional treat – like Easter 🙂 If you have a child with autism, you may want to check out this dad’s happy, healthy Easter guide.

Non-Food Treats

  • Fill plastic eggs with trinkets, stickers, balloons, treats, coins, and folded dollar bills.
  • Buy small Lego set, divide pieces into plastic eggs, and mark the plastic egg with a name or # so the hunters know which pieces will complete the set.
  • Make these beautiful embroidery floss Easter eggs.
  • Wrap balls of play dough in wax paper and tie with an Easter cookie cutter in the bow.
  • Silly Putty eggs will add some excitement to the hunt.
  • Plan a backyard scavenger hunt and strategically hide eggs with clues and actions they must complete to reach the end. Instead of hiding treats in plastic eggs, hide a clue to lead your hunters to the next egg. At end of hunt, hide a larger gift (kite, outdoor toy, board game, even a puppy – just kidding!).
  • Put a bottle of bubbles in their basket.
  • A new coloring book and box of crayons is fun for little kids.
  • Wrap up some of the above food treats and put in basket or as a filler for plastic eggs.
  • Oriental Trading Company has lots of tiny toys and trinkets (I love the piggie erasers!).

Food Treats 

Have fun and hop to it to make this Easter a B.E.D-friendly one 🐰

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May all bellies be happy!

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