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‘Travel Food List’ for The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D)

When you’re on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) or another gut healing protocol, travel can be challenging. It’s hard to be away from your kitchen comfort zone. The world can feel too big; food choices too slim.

Food is everywhere but your mouth because you can’t eat any of what is available. Coffee brewing, fries frying, and pizza baking can be unbearable; it’s hard to say no on the go.

I put together the list below to help you, and your belly, be happy when you travel. I hope it helps you stay on track with your dietary/healing goals. There’s a lot of good ideas here, so no excuses 😉

First things first, pack B.E.D. snacks.

The most important thing is try not to travel in the first 3 months of starting the diet. The learning curve is steep and there’s a lot to integrate into how you are used to living life. Staying home is the most comfortable option during this time.

Next, plan ahead, get a menu plan, invest in two travel coolers (small/big), pack a bag of non-perishable snacks, and print out the following list of food ideas.

Pack a bag of basics:

Pack a bag of staples (for when you have kitchen access/place to cook):

  • Almonds (blanch/blend/ferment into hummus or almond yogurt using a probiotic capsule)
  • Dried fish with sea salt (popular snack in Norway/Iceland and perfect travel food)
  • Dried baby Lima beans (soak and cook)
  • Amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, millet (soak if possible, cook into porridge, add spices/oils and pack in mini-cooler)
  • Dried, sour berries for soaking
  • Canned salmon, sardines, tuna (vital choice)
  • Konjaku Pasta
  • Air-tight bags of dried seaweed

Pack a bag of powdered/ liquid healing goodies (or ship to destination!):


Pack a small cooler:

  • Containers of meals for the day
  • Small jar of pesto and mayo 
  • Lemon
  • Ginger/Garlic
  • Small jar of coconut kefir

Pack a medium cooler for storage items:

Note: Change ice packs in coolers often to keep temperatures cold. If you stay somewhere with a fridge then put your cooler stuff in it. Along the way buy fresh veggies, sour fruits, eggs, meat, fish if available. These vital foods keep you fresh along the way … and don’t forget to pack lots of snacks!

I’m a musician on tour most of the year and practice B.E.D. I spend long days on the road with poor sleep conditions, little opportunity to exercise, and play gigs that require lots of energy. It’s a daily challenge to keep my body and belly happy. Thank you for Tara’s guidance and support! ~ MV, touring musician 

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May all bellies be happy!

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