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Human Spirit: Preserving Childhood In Our Modern World ~ Automatic Writing

Human Spirit: Preserving Childhood In Our Modern World ~ Automatic Writing

This automatic writing was written in 10 minutes by me wihout a word changed ….

I want children to have a rich, colorful inner life where dreams come true and the world is their oyster. A place they can paint whatever picture they’d like because they can SEE where they want to go.

These gadgets with their artificial stimuli severely restrict and put a cap on how far a child, a human being for that matter, can go. These modern-day video games have a scoring system all their own. How many people did you shoot? How many women did you violate? How many towns did you bomb? How many countries did you conquer to get where you are?

This mindset is stifled and sad and cuts a child and a person off from what is real and how the world really does work and from looking around them. Their eyes are too glazed over to see the beauty of what lies right in front of them. The bird with its soft feathers and beak. The chubby baby so innocent and pure. The lettuce coming up out of the soil to greet the sun. This childhood of imagination is one to cherish and the longer each child gets to hang on to theirs, luckier they will be.

What happens when gadgets are on day and night? T.V., computers, cell phones, and now touch screens? The animal mind is designed to go to that which most exciting. In nature it may be the tiger prowling its prey. In the modern world it is the ding-ding of a text or the yellow image of a letter in your email inbox. These are new and tickle the senses to react, yet are mental distractions from a mind gone awry.

Video games are on a level of their own. A playing field that is solely out to capture the mind with all it has. In this world the player plays to win and the maker of the game wins. They profit with money. The player does not profit. They suffer with years of dull desire aching in their bones for what is real and soft and furry and cannot be theirs unless they put down the remote control and just BE.

Just look around and see what there is to see. Maybe nothing because for too many years they have created nothing but a score. Yet, all they have to do is open the door, step outside, and see a whole and bright and beautiful world; one of splendor and delight vast in possibility. A world with no limits, no points. Make a fire, boil tea, smell earth, listen to birds. All this will bring any child, any adult, into his or her senses.

It’s called Immersion. Go immerse self in God-Given senses and bring forward natural awareness and keen exploration of the human spirit.

Just a matter of opening the door.

Written by Tara in 10 minutes, on January 31 2018

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