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The Gift of Placenta Encapsulation

The day Thomas, my youngest, turned 5 I encapsulated his placenta. It was ‘old’ with little to no hormones, yet I had nothing to lose. My colleague had recently encapsulated her 2-year old daughter’s placenta and felt a calm return. She’d also struggled with chronic hemorrhoids since birth and this condition disappeared after 2 days on her placenta capsules …. I was curious.

As an Encapsulationist, I see firsthand how a new mom can benefit from placenta capsules; main ones being richer milk, balanced moods, higher iron levels, deeper sleep. I’m at a point in my career that I don’t need science-based research to convince me of the power of these placenta capsules I make 😉 I wanted to try ….

Encapsulating for MyselfFive years this placenta had sat in my freezer with the plan to plant under an apple tree. Thankfully, it was double-bagged in a Ziploc which meant freezer burn was minimal (decreases nutrients), yet it had been 5 yrs. A friend took pictures and my son, Thomas, was fascinated by the blood and umbilical cord that had fed him in my belly.

Other than extra film on the outside (due to being frozen so long), my placenta appeared no different then one fresh from birth. Rich, red, and the whole process was beautiful, so peaceful.

I drank a cup of hot mother’s tea while my placenta dehydrated and afterwards, Thomas and I packed and filled a total of 87 capsules. While no big amount (the average # my moms get is 115), I do have a good explanation as I had hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness x’s 100). This prenatal condition dropped my weight as the main food I was able to stomach was from i.v. fluids at the ER. I lost a baby to this condition and am simply grateful we had the strength to survive 10 months with this condition. I’ll take my cheerful, bright boy any day over a few extra capsules.

We made a tincture to calm nerves/fears and ease menses/digestive troubles and after my 2nd dose of capsules, I felt grounded and had a fierce calm behind my eyes; deep in my brain. After a week, this calm spread to my belly and I was hooked, rooted in. I may not have gotten the hormone infusion I’d of received had my placenta been prepared closer to giving birth, but I did get a glimpse, a taste into what the moms I encapsulate for might be feeling 💜

They don’t call them “chill pills” for nothing ….

Tara, PBi-Encapsulator

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Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research. However, statements here are not evaluated by the FDA and my service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please make any decisions to consume your placenta with your care provider. I am not a medical doctor, holistic practitioner, or herbalist. Those utilizing this service take full responsibility for using their placenta capsules, tea, and tincture at their own risk.

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