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Zucchini Frittata Recipe (gluten-dairy-egg white free)

This savory treat is delicious straight from the skillet or the next day at room temperature. Eggs are the key player, but only the yolks as I find most people I work with have a tough time digesting egg whites. If that’s not you then scroll down for a version that uses all the egg.

I am all about making food easy to digest … hence the name of my business, Happy Bellies and this recipe does just that 🙂 If you can eat egg whites, substitute 8 whole eggs for the 12 yolks and omit starch.

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Easter Colors…What Would Mary Do?

Ben Easter Eggs-2006As a mom wearing the Holistic Nutritionist hat, I put my foot down on man-made colors. There’s nothing about ’em I feel good with and I don’t feed ’em to my kids, even on celebratory days. So what’s a mom to do about Easter eggs?