COVID-SAFE Placenta Encapsulation

COVID-SAFE Placenta Encapsulation 

I am encapsulating during COVID with precautions in place for your safety and mine.

From my first day encapsulating in 2011 I have followed strict safety standards approved by the FDA. Over the years, I have maintained certifications and updated my protocol as needed. I feel fortunate to have work during this time that makes a difference in our world and in the homes of new families; work that can be done safely.

My safety protocol …

  • I take my temperature the morning of encapsulation day.
  • I arrive on doorstep with N95 mask (often cloth mask too) and sanitized hands.
  • I disinfect all containers/equipment brought into your home.
  • I wear OSHA-approved Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. disposable gloves, apron, protective eyewear).
  • I sanitize any surface I touch, including the bathroom if used.
  • I submerge non-disposable equipment in bleach solution to kill pathogens, including Ebola and c. diff, 2 of the hardest pathogens to inactivate (CDC 2019); bleach/Clorox kill human coronavirus
  • I simply ask to have the kitchen to myself while I encapsulate.

Otherwise, business as usual. Given the nature of this work, which involves blood and human tissue, I have always practiced safely with universal precautions that entail a good amount of sanitizing more than anything else and so I continue to feel safe about stepping back into the homes of new families. 

Note: I have lifelong asthma and compromised lungs. When not working, I take the virus seriously as do members in my household. If you, or a loved one, have been exposed, experiencing symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headache), or traveled out-of-state please let me know and we can reschedule our day of service. 

It is essential to let me know if you, or anyone in household, is experiencing Covid symptoms before I enter your home.

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