Channeled Readings

I am not currently offering readings. If you are looking for an alternative, I highly recommend Michelle Reimers and Phil Quinn for authentic guidance.

I offer guidance in a down-to-earth manner with a direct and spontaneous approach. You do not need to provide relevant information when booking and any topic is open for discussion, including …

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Health
  • Diet*
  • Life Purpose
* To talk specifically about diet, ask for a ‘food reading’ where I combine intuition with nutritional knowledge to explore ways food might be influencing you and shed light on sensitivities, digestive issues, weight issues, or a diagnosed medical condition that may have a direct correlation to nutrition (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol).


One-hour reading – $85

Long distance is no distance at all when it comes to a channeled reading.
~ LS, Austin, TX

I appreciated the raw data without the judgment. ~ J.R. Waterbury, VT

Tara ROCKS!! I seriously felt like she was sitting inside my body, feeling what I felt. I hung up the phone empowered and more in control of my health issues. ~ AK, Bangor, ME


Pricing & Booking