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How I Do Colonics In My Bathroom

20160116_225616I’ve done colonics since college and really got into them again in my 30’s, after being diagnosed with yeast overgrowth when a friend lent me The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). This book had a chapter on colon cleansing to balance the body of excess pathogenic yeast, bacteria, and viruses …. all right up my alley! 

Donna Gates, author of B.E.D, recommends a series of back-to-back colonics with a certified I-ACT hydrotherapist when you start removing pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and yeast. I was fortunate to have a hydrotherapist close to home and at my 4th session was shocked at what poured out; like a cement mixer dumping thick pasty sludge.

I felt great after each session. My body lighter, skin more clear, attitude more positive. As much as I loved my professional colonics, they came at a price I couldn’t keep paying so I invested in a colema board from Colenz. I am so glad as I bit this bullet for this board has gotten a ton of use and sailed me through some tough moments in my healing.

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The pieces to my colema kit.

How I do a colonic:

First, here’s the board and bucket I use.

  • Fill 5-gallon bucket with warm water …. I am fortunate we have our own well/pure water, so I do this from the tap. Yet, when I rented I boiled a pot of water on stove, let cool to body temperature (flick on wrist, should not feel), and poured into my colema bucket. Make sure valve on tube is closed so water doesn’t come out. 
  • Hang bucket of water above toilet on hook; bottom of bucket should be 2 feet from board.
  • Run clear tubing through hole on top of board, attach rectal tube (straw sticking out in photo) to tubing and open the main valve, let some water out to release water bubbles (don’t forget this part or else the water won’t flow once tube’s inserted in rectum), close valve, lubricate 3 inches of rectal tube tip with oil. 
  • Set up board on stool the height of toilet bowl, make sure sturdy enough to hold your weight. 
  • Put down chuck pad that you cut in half (don’t need whole one). 
  • Place stack of towels at top of board where head is with an extra towel next to the board to cover yourself with. Add an extra towel for good measure, I always need this for something!
  • Lock bathroom door to keep anyone from coming in 🙂
  • Get naked and on board, lube bum with oil/goo (I like calendula salve) and insert rectal tube (lubed). Put bum against opening of board and there you stay; shouldn’t feel tubing, nor hurt.
  • Lay back with head on the towels, bend knees or stretch them up to rest on wall and cover up with towel. 
  • Open valve and let warm water flow in. I keep valve open the whole time. When I first started, I had tightness/cramping, so I closed valve here ‘n there to let cramps pass and my natural peristaltic reflex do its thing. Now, I let water run and like that.
  • When bucket is empty, close valve, flush toilet, and lift off rectal tubing. I slide bum to edge of board and put a folded toilet paper against rectum so not to drip as I get into shower. 
  • Take best shower of your life! Sigh deeply and relax and wash up. 
  • Clean bathroom; sanitizing anything that needs sanitizing. I like to joke that doing colonics has made my bathroom cleaner then ever. Toss the chuck pad, rinse colema board in tub and spray with disinfectant. Same with toilet …. disinfect and scrub. I put rectal tube in a narrow small glass jar with 10% bleach-water solution and sanitize a few minutes. Then I wipe down floor and tub.  
  • Leave bathroom a whole new person with a fresh outlook on life (+ clean bathroom). Entire process takes an hour start to finish.

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