Testimonials for Channeled Readings

These are amazing remote sessions. I was blown away at how someone I hadn’t met could explain details about my body without being physically present. For example, I asked Tara about my digestive issues and she explained every detail inside my mouth, including how my saliva tasted. What she does is hard to explain, but I highly recommend Tara if you’re curious and in need, to give it a try. ~ Y.W. Owner of Alternivida Retreats, Puerto Rico

Boy, you just zero in. L.M. Quebec, Canada

The most helpful thing about my time were things I already knew but wasn’t necessarily acknowledging. A part of me didn’t really want to see this, but already knew. Some words were hard to hear, but true. ~ A.S. Montpelier, VT 

I got so much value from our time together and thank you from the bottom of my heart for having been a potent and powerful link to my mom during the most challenging time of my life. A bow to you 🙏 ~ J.B. San Francisco, CA

Tara’s approach confirms the mind-body connection and its importance in leading a happy life. Her intuition is astounding, as though she were right there with me on the other side of the world! Her ability to connect and receive information is a gift to share. ~ K.L. Tasmania, Australia 

Potent work, certainly a clear channel. ~ B.M. Burlington, VT

I sought Tara out for her work as an Intuitive Counselor and found her guidance illuminating, calm, and timely. Most importantly, she affirmed things I knew deep inside but hadn’t been listening. I took to heart the information received and made confident changes in the direction of my life and business; a new direction putting my personal health and well-being back on track in a position of priority. I recommend Tara for anyone at a crossroads or stagnant place in need of inspiration to create change. ~ P.W. Ithaca, NY

As a new mom, I’m grateful that you read my baby so well with sharply honed skills, even from afar. ~ D.G. Stratford, CN

The information you provided has untangled whatever was happening in my body. Changing my diet ruled out gut issues, everything there feels great. I trust your intuition and believe my health is benefiting as a result. I wish I’d been better prepared with a food list so I could’ve asked about more specific foods that I’m uncertain about eating. ~ A.M. Middlesex, VT

Thank you for a sweet session, mine was perfect. ~ M.B. Cabot, VT

Katie’s colic began to show at 3 weeks old. Every night she’d scream from 7-11pm, her face red and body rigid. It was terrible and nothing helped. I met with Tara by phone and after two readings the colic eased. She began to burp, fart, and her scream turned into more of a grumpy cry. Now, she’s such a cuddle bug 💞 ~ B.K. Lakeland, FL

I found the experience moving. I felt supported for the issues I wanted addressed and your suggestions were on point. A powerful phone session! ~ R.G. Scituate, MA

Good morning Tara, our session made a potent imprint on my system. I feel deeply seen in a way I have never been in my life. I cannot thank you enough for your time and attention, and your skills. ~ J.B. San Francisco, CA

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