The Body Ecology Diet Yeast Overgrowth

Becoming a Nutritionist: My Story

I’ve had chronic health issues since I was a kid with a drippy nose, itchy eyes, tight lungs, and fiery brain. I understand what it feels like to be uncomfortable, day and night. By 40, I was labelled with ADHD, asthma, allergies, MTHFR, mast cell syndrome, pernicious anemia, and Sjogrens; many of which stem from lifetime of corticosteroids.  

My mother drove hours to source organic food (this was 1980 and good food hard to find), she also kept a garden and chickens. Her efforts to live a natural life (+ my desire to get off medication) fueled my desire to feel better. I was the middle child of a large family and busy household and rarely a moment to slow down.

I took a long while to connect the dots between how I felt and what I ate; even longer to understand how child/adult life stressors factored into overall health …. how just the way one naturally breathes can affect the whole.