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Cannabis Cacao Butter …. in Capsules

I grazed on these for a lovely Saturday 🙂 My morning apple dipped in almond butter and cup a tea had the addition of two cacao butter cannabis capsules and an hour later welcomed a subtle feel that lasted 2 hours. Another couple capsules brought on a gentle, graceful buzz that had me sitting up straighter and breathing in deeper.

After that, I took only one capsule as THC + saturated fat/cacao butter builds up in the body; meaning the effects are accumulative and you feel THC quicker with each capsule.

My thoughts loosened as I moved easily through the day delivering compost to the chickens, gathering eggs, walking a backroad with a friend, listening to birds chatter outside our window, watching white smoke pour from the neighbor’s chimneys, feeling the cold mountain air against my cheek, shoveling snow from our driveway, and making a beautiful meal for my family. 

These homemade capsules deliver a whole body presence that puts YOU in control of how much THC goes into your system. I like the subtle taste and smell of cacao butter and the ‘happy as a clam’ feel I got using them. Hence why I am sharing this recipe with you, one I adapted from fresh toast.

Keep in mind I use mainly indica strain of cannabis, not sativa. Indicas are relaxing and mellow, sativas more stimulating and uplifting. One of these days I want to try using this recipe in my raw chocolate recipe. If you get to this before I do, let me know ❤

Plant a little seed, grow a little weed.

Cannabis Cacao Butter

Makes: 8-10 ounces

10 ounces food-grade cacao butter* (I use this brand)

14 grams cannabis (I like indica strains, 9# Hammer and Las Vegas Triangle Kush)

1 heaping tablespoon sunflower lecithin (optional, enhances THC)

“00” capsules (I use these)

Capsule machine (I use this one)h

  1. Decarboxylate cannabis by placing on baking sheet and heating at 240 degrees F for 30 minutes, stirring now and then. Remove from oven, let cool, and fine grind with spice grinder/suribachi. 
  2. Melt cacao butter in top part of double boiler (or rice cooker set on warm) with water in bottom; add cannabis.
  3. Cook on low for 3-4 hrs, stirring every 20″. Done when thick and slightly green. Watch water level in bottom pan, replenish if low. 
  4. Strain through a mesh strainer/cheesecloth into pint-sized Mason jar or other heatproof container. The butter will solidify as it cools, so place in capsules while warm or re-melt before using. 
  5. Put 1/4 teaspoon of the warm liquid in empty “00” capsules with an eye dropper or spoon. Work quick!
  6. Store at room temperature in an airtight container.
  7. 3 hit the spot for me, yet we all have a different tolerance for THC, find yours 😉
  8. Lecithin increases the potency and makes THC come on faster and stronger; this is a good way to use less cannabis while still receiving all the good feels …. more here.
  • This recipe would do well in vaginal boluses (even suppositories).
  • I have diagnosed ADHD and PTSD and these capsules get me more connected to my body and quiet my mind without dulling my senses and impairing my thoughts. I felt no paranoia.
  • I haven’t done a THC check on the indica strain I used, but I read somewhere that a tablespoon of cannabis butter = 75 to 150mg of THC, depending on the strain. If this is accurate you can figure out how much THC is in each capsule in a general way, see calculator.
  • On The Body Ecology Diet? Use this “butter” in cinnamon kisses, carrot muffins, almond hearts, or raw chocolates
  • Some benefits I felt since taking capsules: a glow to my skin, no blemishes (knock on desk, lol), whiter eyes, less body pain, NO anxiety, and an all over the body calm. 
  • If you find yourself outside your comfort zone while figuring out what your dose is then try taking amino acids GABA and Citicoline to come back to center. 

*Cacao butter comes from the Theobroma Cacao tree, which produces cacao pods. These cacao pods are cracked open to reveal cacao beans. The actual cacao butter is in the outer lining of the inside of a cacao bean (fattiest part of fruit). Cacao butter is made with a cold-pressed method to remove the fat from cacao bean (bean is set aside to make cacao powder). Cacao butter is white with a rich, buttery taste hence the name “cacao butter”. 

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May all bellies be happy!

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