Nutritional Support with Tara, NC.

Nutritional Support with Tara Carpenter, NC.

If you want general support without using The Body Ecology Diet, scroll all down to book. On the fence if this way of eating is for you? Contact me or take quiz to see if this could be a good fit.

See my experience and credentials HERE.

If you want nutritional support using The Body Ecology Diet ….

The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) is a personal challenge and worth the effort. While the 1st stage is consuming, it’s also rewarding as you learn to food combine, make kefir, and colon cleanse.

Thankfully, taking on too much of anything at once is not the name of the game and Donna Gates, founder of B.E.D, recommends a step-by-step turtle approach 🙂 I am here to help you do just that.

I know how beneficial this diet is once you get through the learning curve. I am here to support you in customizing this way of eating to meet your diet and health needs; remind you to go slow; offer bite-size ideas; set your mind at ease when things don’t go as planned; and help with detox, constipation, questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tooting my own horn, I am a master at meals the pickiest eater will eat.

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About Tara

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and used B.E.D. to heal my systemic yeast overgrowth. My boys also did the diet and we all felt significant, lasting improvement in our bellies and overall health. As a family, we’ve made unsalted probiotic food and practiced food combining since 2010 💜 

The following choices are for those who want general nutritional support AND for those who want more specific support with The Body Ecology Diet:

Pick-My-Brain (60″ for $45)  

A good choice for questions about detox, food combining, pregnancy, breastfeeding, picky eaters, food sensitivities, constipation, etc. Half-hour sessions available on request ($25). Book here.

Start-Ups (90″ intake + two 60″ follow-ups for $300)

A good choice for customized nutritional support with in-depth review of health/dietary needs. You will receive a weekly food journal, various helpful handouts, and a summary of recommendations made during our time together. Step into a new you with confidence. Book here.

Healing Menu Plan ($150) I have created nourishing menus since 1999 and enjoy coming up with something you can use week after week in various new ways. A menu plan can simplify life, especially when you are removing gluten, dairy, or sugar OR when you start a new way of eating, such as The Body Ecology Diet. Lighten your load with this valuable tool …. many recipes included. Book here.

I know how overwhelming it can be to go gluten and dairy free. You are in good hands with Tara, she helped my family navigate this path too. JS, Worcester, VT

I discovered Tara at a time that my body did not feel good. I’d spent years struggling with my health and versions of disordered eating. I was 100 lbs overweight with painful joints, constant fatigue, and a hopelessly weak constitution; something I feared would last my whole life, read more. HL, NY

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