A Safer Kind of Floss: Making The Switch

Most floss is toxic because it is made from nylon, a petroleum-based product, coated with a Teflon synthetic resin – think nonstick cookware – called PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Both are carcinogenic and can cause cancer, arthritis, altered immune response, thyroid disease, hyperactivity, hormone imbalance, and reduced fertility.

When I first heard this, I thought “how can a piece of floss cause so many issues?”

Here’s the short version of why certain kinds of floss can harm …. floss that contains PTFE can leave traces of chemicals in your mouth that will either be swallowed or absorbed into your bloodstream through the thin mucosa lining of your mouth; especially if you floss once or twice a day for years on end as many of us do.

Environmental Impact

Going a step further, when you throw away used floss, especially disposable dental flossers that contain PTFE, this toxin gets transferred into the environment through landfills and/or waterways. Basically, if you use conventional waxed floss, it is likely coated with a synthetic, petroleum-based wax.

Safe Floss

You can lessen your body-load by choosing floss without PTFE Teflon, like: 

Thumbs Up

I was hesitant to try ‘healthy’ floss because I grew up on natural floss and hated the way it felt in my mouth; like dragging fingers down a chalkboard. Freaked me out! Ever since I became an adult, I have only used Oral-B Glide floss because it feels good and is easy to use.

Even after hearing how PTFE floss can harm my body, I stubbornly stuck to my conventional floss. Yet, over time the voices of my nutritionist colleagues started to fill my mind and I knew that I could be making a better choice for my body and the environment. After honing in and doing my own research I made the switch to this cranberry floss.

My Personal Choice

I like the cranberry floss best. Yes, it is natural and made with organic silk spun in beeswax and coated with cranberry essence. How good does that sound!? AND, it feels good! No weird feelings with this one, nor does it have an overly sweet taste like some xylitol sweetened floss can have. It glides in ‘n out of teeth (even tight spaces) the way Oral-B floss does and though it falls apart a bit, it only does so at the end of flossing, so no big deal.

The best part is that the flosses above are safe for the environment because they are biodegradable. 

Happy flossing 😁

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