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Self Love Begins on Valentine’s Day ~ Automatic Writing


Self Love Begins on Valentine’s Day ~ Automatic Writing

This automatic writing came through Valentine’s Day 2017. wrote as I received without changing a word ….

What if you love yourself so much you stop for a moment as you put on your sock. To let your finger pause just so there on your skin as if it was porcelain. As if your finger had nothing else to do but touch and move with great care, with great love for the simple beauty of skin.

What if you brush your teeth and stop mid-brush to slow your pace enough to notice the strength even here. To lift and look in mirror and hold your gaze right there. To feel your mouth soften and release. To know that to brush your teeth so strong and square is a simple pleasure, a necessity yes, but a repetitive motion where one can easily forget their exquisiteness.

Even in this one way.

Even as you pull a shirt over your head, you love yourself that much to move gently so not to yank or twist but with ease; as though putting on a new baby’s cotton shirt with a neck that wobbles and eyes that look.

There is great care here that does not end when you are 10, 20, or 60. It must come from within. It must come from you. There is no mother here, it is you with hands and feet and toes that wiggle so.

So much self-love you notice the beauty you are; the care you take to brush your hair and not pull harder than necessary to release the knots, the tensions of life. That you envy your shoes that get to encase your feet – those toes – just so – how lucky they are!

Now breathe in. Not by gulping air and grabbing down. We are graceful and fluid. Breathing in. Breathing out. Flowing in. Flowing out. Pausing to hold as we naturally do. To keep moving my dear but do stop to care as the breath moves in here and out there. As you move about the world here and there.

Your body will do just what you do and this, this is where self-love begins. To love that what is parts in all. The lungs breathing in, the mouth opening and closing, the shoulder that moves up and moves down. And the foot! That beautiful foot with 10 piggy toes. Love it all, this you must because life does go on, the body does age, and you will mother it from now until grave.

Do breathe in, just hold it right there, hold it all in. This love of self and the power it brings. Now, breathe out. Release. Keep going in life. Never do stop for you do not. Always breathing, always heart beating, always blood moving, even when you are not. There is time for rolling the shoulders back just so. To love yourself that you do not suffer so. You do not suffer now.

Wrap your arms around you tight without warning or reason. Just because you love yourself that much and is important to say. To do. To care about what is there in motions day and night. There is little room for carelessness here, only volumes of color, light, tones, and tune.

So, over your heart your hands do go, to love and hold forever more.

Written through Tara on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017

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