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Why I Like Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)

Note: I am not an affiliate for Green Pastures.

Fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) is rich in fat-soluble nutrients like Omega-3 (DHA/EPA), Vitamin A, and Vitamin D; nutrients many of us lack, especially as we grow older or struggle with our digestion. If you have ever been pregnant, you will prize this food even more because it helps to replenish the fat-soluble nutrients used to nourish your growing baby. 

Where I live in Vermont, it is most often cold with limited sunshine and so I keep fermented cod oil on hand for my family to take all year-round with a bit of a break during the summer months. We do it as a daily practice and I feel peace of mind knowing that we are each getting enough Vitamin D and A. I also have the pleasure of getting a thumbs up from our dentist at my kid’s cleanings – not one cavity in either since we began taking FCLO 👍

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) can help you:

  • Eliminate toxins
  • Stop tooth decay (great for oil pulling)
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Increase fertility
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce risk of heart attack
  • Relieve joint stiffness
  • Repair wounds
  • Prevent Inflammation
  • Relieve autoimmune diseases
  • Grow a healthy baby with strong teeth and bones
  • Prevent brain issues (i.e. dementia, ADD, autism)
  • Calm nervous system
  • Balance hormones
  • Build strong bones by promoting calcium absorption
  • Produce fat-soluble rich breast-milk for baby’s growing brain 

Most teeth, digestive, heart, joint, bone (and health issues) are connected to Omega-3/Vitamin A + D deficiency. FCLO is rich in all of these fat-soluble vitamins …. all in one bottle 🙂

How it’s made does make a difference


Think you’re good with cod oil you get at health food store? Maybe, but if it’s not Green Pasture, look closely at ingredients. Modern cod oil is usually made with heat, solvents, bleaching, and deodorizing to extend the product’s shelf life …. none of which are good for the body.

These modern processes destroy the fat-soluble vitamins found in cod oil – the very ones you’re after. That means synthetic versions of A, D, and E must be added to stabilize the oil. No good. Anytime you add a synthetic, there is a worry of toxic build-up from fake vitamins. This is why whole food sources like FCLO are recommended as they supply natural forms of fat-soluble vitamins plus synergistic co-factors. There, got my geek on 🤓

Green Pastures 

This family-owned company makes fermented cod liver oil like your great grandmother may have. They do not heat or process the sensitive oil, but keep it ‘raw and alive’ so the body can metabolize it. They test each batch for heavy metals/toxic contaminants and work with sustainable fishermen and their oil comes in various flavors (cinnamon, orange, chocolate) and forms (capsule, liquid, gels); including kid-tested blends (caramel, carob-banana), skin balm, and Royal Blends for more serious tooth/bone decay in need of fast results.


Common FCLO Dosage for Adults & Kids

How My Family Takes Fermented Cod Liver Oil

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Disclaimer: This content is for general information only, educational in nature, and is not a substitute for the medical advice of your doctor that you, the reader, may require for any cause, now or in future. Consult doctor regarding your health and keep him fully informed to the opinions, ideas, and dietary advice offered on this site that you find useful.

May all bellies be happy!

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4 comments to Why I Like Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)

  • Tara

    Fermented cod liver oil is the traditional way to go. Basically, anytime a food is fermented, its nutrients increase 10-fold. To get geeky on you, the lacto-fermentation (method used to make FCLO) breaks down the vitamins (like A & D) into much smaller molecules that are easily absorbed in your digestive lining (mouth on through to intestines). So you get more for your buck and possibly need less of it cuz of its potency. It’s also a raw food so without the fermentation it wouldn’t be stable.

    Another way of looking at this is to take milk and ferment it into kefir. The casein (milk protein) and lactose (milk sugar) will be broken down/pre-digested in the fermentation process. So, someone who is sensitive to dairy may tolerate fermented dairy.

  • Christine Watts

    Why is fermented better than plain cod liver oil? If you could find a cod liver oil that wasn’t processed with solvents, etc. would it be as good as the fermented variety or is there something that fermenting it gives you that plain doesn’t?

  • Tara

    The main difference between flax oil and FCLO is that flax seeds don’t contain fat soluble vitamins. That’s your A, D, and K. No plant food does. Some plants have some vit. K in it but not vit. A and D. Which all work synergistic-ally in your body. Here’s a link that talks more about all this

    It’s by one of my fave bloggers. She’s evidence-based. Which comes in handy with stuff like this.

  • Christine

    I am vegetarian and so take flax seed oil, is this as healthy?

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