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8 Ways to Support your Inner Ecosystem

Therapeutic Chef 2013

Gluten-Sugar-Yeast Free Food

Support your inner ecosystem with:

#1) Cultured Food like cultured vegetables, coconut kefir to populate gut with good bacteria (probiotics) to improve digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination.

#2) Properly Soak your grains, beans, nuts and seeds to reduce harmful anti-nutrients (i.e. lectins, phytates, enzyme inhibitors).

#3) Proper Food Combining is a way of eating foods that combine well together once in the stomach, to aid digestion and allow you to more easily assimilate nutrients from the food you eat.

#4) Seasonal Cooking to adjust food and cooking styles throughout changing year to enjoy fresh food at its peak; keeping inner and outer body in tune with one another.

#5) Gluten-Sugar-Yeast Free Food that does not feed pathogenic fungus, bacteria or viruses living in the body.

#6) Home Remedies made from natural ingredients to relieve mild aches and pains.

#7) Alkaline-Forming Food rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) to keep the blood and body slightly alkaline.

#8) Organic, Local Whole Food made without refined or processed ingredients.

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About the Inner Ecosystem

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