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How I do a colonic…in my bathroom

20160116_225616I have been doing colonics for many years. I did my first one in college during fasting periods, but really got into them when I was diagnosed with systemic Candida yeast overgrowth. A friend lent me a book called the Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) that lay out a healing protocol to remove excess yeast from the body. 

The author of B.E.D, Donna Gates, recommends a series of back-to-back sessions with a Hydrotherapist when you begin to heal yeast overgrowth. I lucked out to have a hydrotherapist a half hour from my home and was amazed at what poured out. At first it was nothing exciting but in my 4th session I felt like a cement mixer truck dumping out thick pasty sludge. It felt great and my body was much lighter.

As much as I loved my trips to the therapist, they weren’t cheap. By that time, I knew that I’d benefit from doing colonics on a regular basis and so I did my research and invested in a colema board from Colenz. Suffice to say, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this board and the good news is that I no longer have a chronic yeast infection ☺

Here is a Candida quiz to take if you want to see if yeast overgrowth is an underlying problem.

How I do a colonic…

  1. The pieces to my colema kit.

    Fill the 5-gallon bucket with warm water. We have our own well and tested to have pure water so I use water from the tap, but when I used to rent I boiled a huge pot of water on stove and let it cool to body temperature before pouring it into bucket. Also, make sure that the valve on your tube is closed so water doesn’t come out. 

  2. Hang bucket of water above toilet on metal hook. The bottom of bucket should be about 2 feet from board.
  3. Run the clear tubing through the hole on top of board. I attach rectal tube (straw sticking out in picture) to tubing and open the main valve. I let some water out to release water bubbles … don’t forget this part or else the water won’t flow once you insert the tube into your rectum. I close the valve and lubricate 3 inches of the rectal tube tip with oil. 
  4. Set up board using a stool that’s the height of my toilet bowl. I make sure it’s sturdy and holds my weight. The board I use can be found here.
  5. Put down a chuck pad which I cut in half because I don’t need a whole one. 
  6. Place stack of towels at the top of board where my head will be and an extra towel next to the board to cover myself with. I also add an extra towel for good measure as seems I always need it for something.
  7. Lock the bathroom door to keep anyone from coming in.
  8. Get naked and on the board and insert the rectal tube. I don’t know how far up my rectum it goes, I just put my butt up against opening of the board and that’s where I stay. I don’t feel the tubing in me and it doesn’t hurt.
  9. Lay back with my head on the towels, bend my knees or stretch them up to rest on wall and cover with towel. 
  10. Open valve and let the warm water flow into me. I keep the valve open the whole time. When I first started, I had a lot of tightness and cramping and so I closed the valve here and there to let the cramps pass and the peristaltic reflex do its thing. I would wait until I wanted to eliminate or the water to move into the upper area of my colon. Now, I just let the water run and that seems to work just fine.
  11. When the bucket is empty, I close the valve, flush the toilet, and remove the rectal tubing. I slide my butt to the edge of the board and take a piece of folded up toilet paper and press it against my rectum so as not to drip as I get up slowly and get in the shower. 
  12. Take the best shower of my life, dry off, and clean up. There is a running joke that colonic regulars have the cleanest bathrooms. It’s true, I clean mine very well after I do a colonic. I toss the chuck pad and rinse the colema board in the tub. Then I spray it down with Lysol and disinfect the toilet. I put the rectal tube in a glass jar with a 10% bleach-water solution and let it sanitize for a few minutes. Then I wipe down the floor and tub.  
  13. Leave the bathroom a whole new person in a fresh pair of cozy pajamas ~ the entire process takes me about an hour from start to finish.

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