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Bolus Recipe for Vaginal Yeast Infections


Boluses, a.k.a. ovules/vaginal suppositories, are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. They provide relief to a lot of women who have vaginal yeast infections.

I used to get yeast infections a lot. Years later, after I was diagnosed with systemic yeast overgrowth and I finally understood why. I helped myself recover with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) which is a yeast cleansing diet and by doing

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Kids Leave At All Ages ~ a 10 minute writing

I wrote this on the way to visit my son for the first time since he’d moved out. I was nervous to see him and decided to pull over and do a 10-minute writing to clear my head. 

Sometimes I think he is running away, other times flying away. Either way, he’s going away. That’s it. One way is easier to think about than the other.

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No One Wants To Be A Single Mom (10 minute writing)

This is a 10-minute streamline writing, check out what that’s about here.

No one wants to be a single mom. No little girl I know plays with dolls imagining what it’ll be like to be a single mom. As if there’s something glorified about the experience. No, little girls carry their baby dolls tenderly, pretending to nurse them and change their pretend little diapers. 

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How My Family Takes Fermented Cod Oil (FCLO)


We take fermented cod liver oil (fclo) every day, twice a day, year round. My kids started taking it when they were 7 and 2 yrs. old.

My husband likes his straight-up without added flavored. I like the chocolate butter blend and my oldest likes the

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Flush Your Butt – How I Do a Colonic

20160116_225616I’ve been doing colonics for years and though I did them here and there in college, I really got into them after being diagnosed with systemic Candida, a.k.a. yeast overgrowth. A friend lent me a book called The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) that layed out a healing protocol to remove excess yeast from the body and the author, Donna Gates, recommended to do a

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Hold the Salt in Sauerkraut!

Sauerkraut is a popular probiotic food that’s made with cabbage and salt. The salt acts as a natural preservative to keep bad bugs (pathogens) away and draw out moisture from the cabbage as it ferments.

Why not to add salt…

Unfortunately, the salt also slows down and

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Seeding a “C-Section Born” Baby

c-section-photoThis photo was taken after a client of mine gave birth via c-section. Before surgery, this mom requested that her doctor insert a piece of gauze into her vagina. This same gauze was used seconds after she gave

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