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Tara, Holistic Nutritionist

As a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in digestive health, I offer nutritional support to individuals on The Body Ecology Diet and during food intuitive readings

I have always had an interest in the healing properties of food. As a kid, I rolled dough into tiny apples and pears for my doll-house. When I was 12, I opened a cafe in my family kitchen; called ‘Fat Mamas’ with ironically a healthy menu. As a teen, I created allergen-friendly recipes for my mother’s Montessori school and later a small cookbook.

In college I studied early childhood education with my nose buried in nutrition books or perusing ingredients at the health food store. On graduation day, I drove to California to apprentice with Cornelia Aihara, a Japanese teacher, who taught yin and yang principles and how they apply to food and the body.

At 24, I baked sourdough bread and allergen-friendly treats at Esalen in Big Sur. In this little kitchen, I let loose and ditched my cookbooks. I went on to cook at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and got to know the stillness and peace that can be infused into food preparation.

Then I became pregnant and the world stopped the way it does when you have a baby. My son was born at home and was fine until I started him on solids. His belly was perpetually bloated and he had chronic diarrhea. When he was 2 years old, he became listless and admitted to the hospital for weight loss and dehydration. They diagnosed him with borderline Celiac and I was told to avoid giving him “too much gluten”. This was back when gluten intolerance was not as well known like it is now. I knew enough about food to know I needed to do more than avoid gluten and I eliminated all of the common allergens (soy, corn, gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs). With diligence, and a lot of effort on my part, my son regained his health.

Watching my son return to being a “normal” boy, bloomed inspiration in my heart and I wanted to learn more about how changing the types of food one eats could so dramatically influence the body. I sought out Cynthia Briscoe, healing counselor and mom of 6, to learn how food can be used to improve various issues; especially those that stem from a compromised immune system and an overgrowth of pathogenic flora living in the gut. Then, I studied at the Culinary Academy to gain my certification as a Therapeutic Chef. 

After many years of cooking medicinally (and having another baby) I felt ready to step into an educator role. I wanted to have a stronger impact and teach people how to fish and feed themselves for a lifetime, rather than to just prepare fish that would feed them for a day. I hung up my chef hat and attended Bauman College to become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

These days, my nutritional work mainly revolves around Food Intuitive readings and B.E.D. Support sessions. I live in the valley of Vermont with my family; raising my boys and loving my husband. When not cooking up a storm, or culturing this or that, you can find me writing, romping in the woods, or on my yoga mat 💜

B.E.D. Nutritional Support

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