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Tara, Holistic Nutritionist

I have been diagnosed with asthma, allergies, anemia, temporomandibular joint disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, panic attacks, osteoarthritis, and more. I know what life is like to be uncomfortable.

Growing up the middle of 5 kids and a busy family, I was anchored into my body by a drippy nose, itchy eyes, tight lungs, and fiery brain. Sitting still was out of the question.

My mother drove hours to source organic …. this was 1980 and good food hard to come by …. she also kept a garden and chickens. Her efforts are likely where my desire to feel better stems, that and a desire to stop taking medication to control my health issues.

Took a long time to connect the dots between what I ate and how I felt; even longer to understand how stress during childhood played a role in my health. I have since come to see that our emotional landscape is often more difficult to sort through than food; especially when trauma is involved. I understand emotional well-being.

Growing Up 

When I was 12, I opened Fat Mamas restaurant in my parent’s kitchen with a healthy menu. At 14, I created allergen-free recipes for my mom’s Montessori school kids. In college, I worked at the first Whole Foods and stopped eating at my school cafeteria. I started fasting, doing wheatgrass shots, and using a colema board with my nose buried in books on healing. I started to feel better, more in control of my health issues. 

Yin & Yang

On graduation day, I traveled to California where I found Zen Macrobiotics by Georges Oshawa. The words moved me to apprentice with Cornelia Aihara, a Japanese teacher who taught yin and yang. I cooked medicinally for people who arrived in wheelchairs and left with canes. I chanted, walked barefoot, and applied ginger compresses to those with terminal cancer; watching as the water turned black from discharge. I understand how to use food to heal.


In my 20’s, I studied massage and was a baker at Esalen in Big Sur. In this bakery, I let loose and cooked with more flexibility while maintaining the inner discipline I had come to cherish. I also had the opportunity to cook at Tassajara Zen Monastery where kitchen life is quiet as can BE.


In 2001, I became pregnant with my oldest son and suffered hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) for the first 12 weeks. In 2006, I became pregnant again and had a miscarriage. In 2007, I carried my youngest boy full-term and had HG the entire 40 weeks. During my pregnancies, I was unable to eat unless absolutely craved, managed only teaspoon of water without vomiting, and took medication meant for people going through chemotherapy. These pregnant periods of my life instilled a sense of empathy for others who are moving through challenging experiences.

Celiac Disease

When my oldest started solids, he became bloated with diarrhea and vomiting. The doctors did not know how to help and I was too busy as a single mom to wrap my head around what was going on. At 2, I admitted him to intensive care for weight loss, listlessness, and dehydration. He was diagnosed with ‘borderline Celiac disease’ and I was told to avoid giving him too much gluten, which I eliminated along with the top allergens (nuts, soy, eggs, seafood, dairy, fish, crustacean) and watched his health blossom. His transformation motivated me to continue learning how food heals (and harms) and I studied with Cynthia and David Briscoe, counselors and parents of 6; weaving all I learned into my therapeutic chef service and healing my son. 


By 34, I was zapped at a cellular level and having panic attacks. This was my rock bottom. I had more health challenges then ever all at once and felt swallowed up by the demands of life. This was when a caring Naturopath diagnosed my systemic yeast overgrowth. I used The Body Ecology Diet for three years to get back in balance and in 2011 attended Bauman College to become a Holistic Nutritional Consultant and help others.


I no longer take medication nor have had a panic attack since January 2018. I meditate daily and am committed to living slowly in Vermont. My interest in healing runs deep as ever as does my desire to support each person to heal on multiple levels.

There is a dance that only you know how to do. ~ Gabrielle Roth

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