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LivAmend for Liver Support 🌱

Of all the supplements The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) carries, LivAmend is my favorite. Next is Assist Enzymes and if I could weasel in a third, it’d be Ancient Minerals. My liver is less effective then most because I have a gene mutation called MTHFR. This means my liver needs help ALL the time. I drink lemon water and green smoothies. I don’t eat gluten, sugar, or yeast. I eat unsalted probiotic foods. I do colonics and castor packs on my liver area. I walk, dance, and meditate to release anger and tension as I know BIG emotions can contribute to a chronically tight liver.

When I started B.E.D. in 2010, I was a single mom with hardly any extra money. I couldn’t afford extra supplements other then Assist digestive enzymes to help with my bloating, nor did I understand the valuable role of my liver. Now, I can take LivAmend. I understand the role my liver has in my bigger health picture and how I benefit from stimulating/detoxing liver in a gentle, natural way. My liver feels more relaxed. 

Dosage & Ingredients

LivAmend contains wasabi, sarsaparilla, artichoke extract, and milk thistle; all of which are potent liver cleansers that work synergistically. You can take extra milk thistle (2 capsules = 60mg) so don’t be shy if you already take milk thistle, you can still take it. That’s a tidbit, do your own research. The label says 1-2 capsules with morning/evening meals and to improve bowel elimination use up to 9 capsules a day. No matter how many you take, start slow. 

When I first started taking LivAmend, I took 2 capsules in the morning and evening. Holy cow, did my body react to these capsules. My face broke out in acne and black spots appeared darting to and fro in my eyesight. My ‘liver line’ (crease in-between eyes on forehead) turned into a deep, groove; which is my measuring mark as to how far I push myself. I also got an irritated red area around my nose that happens when my liver is overly stimulated. 

I can see now just how backed up my liver was. In so many directions …. emotionally, physically, mentally. I right away went back to 1 capsule in morning/evening, yet still felt triggered. Over time, I stopped taking them because I thought they were too strong for my body. I turned my attention to cleansing my colon in hopes of easing my toxic overload. These days, I flow better; my circulation is better and I’m more aware of my body. I’ve connected more dots with my health. SO, for me LivAmend was too strong in the beginning and I had to build my tolerance to where I now take 2 capsules in morning and evening no problem. 

Why I Take LivAmend

I was on The Body Ecology Diet (gut healing protocol) for a year before I started LivAmend. I’d been diagnosed with GBS+ during my pregnancies which resulted in my getting thrush and systemic yeast overgrowth after the birth of my youngest son. I knew the toxins the Candida albicans were producing inside of me, along with die-off, were affecting my liver negatively. During this time, I also learned I had high levels of arsenic and that if I did not start supporting my liver, I would face more allergies/sensitivities than I already experienced. This put me into action to find ways to support and relax my liver. 

Here’s a Candida quiz to see if you might have yeast overgrowth.

Cleansing Crisis

If I take more LivAmend then my body can handle, I go into a ‘cleansing mode’ and need to carve out time to rest and detox. Life is full and I don’t always have the time for such cleansing. Silly, I know, but true. That said, spring is a great time to cleanse the liver as you have Nature on your side to push things along. A cleansing crisis is not bad, I just don’t want to always put myself into one on purpose. Is there ever a good time for a cleansing crisis?? Now that I know what they are, and have had my share of them, I try to keep them at bay unless I consciously go into one with time to rest.

The trick is to find your balance; start at a pace within your comfort and know you are getting more bounce to the ounce with this one supplement 🙂 

Liver Tip

Moving the liver is as important as moving bowels when it comes to keeping body waste moving down ‘n out. If you have sluggish bowels (or over-reactive) the liver has to work harder and can become congested. Congested liver is reflected in skin and eyes, so keeping liver de-congested helps you feel better. LivAmend is a good step to get there. As is a colema board to cleanse your colon. Other ways to support your liver. You can purchase LivAmend here

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May all bellies be happy!

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