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Stop Sugar Cravings with No Salt Probiotic Food


Sugar cravings are real and strike all times of the day; especially the late afternoon! Their are many reasons we experience energy dips and I’m not getting in to that here; instead I want to mention a healthy, easy way to get a handle on your sugar cravings …

First, a sugar craving of any kind can be a sign there’s more bad flora (pathogens) than good flora (probiotics) living in your gut.

Eat no salt, probiotic food…

Unsalted cultured food like cultured vegetables, young coconut kefir These awesome probiotic foods can help you to lower sugar cravings because they contain live probiotics.

These friendly flora quickly get to work in your gut to balance the flora living in there and maintain the proper pH of your inner ecosystem; a.k.a. internal workings of gut.

Sound strange? It’s not. If pathogens are a source of sweet cravings and you eat a food like milk kefir or coconut kefir then the probiotics in these foods populate your gut and quickly set up houses and colonies comparable to the size of NYC!! Once inside of your gut they create an environment where pathogenic bacteria/yeast/viruses will have a hard time surviving in.

This is called die-off… moments in your healing when a large amount of bad flora is eliminated at one time from 1 or more elimination channels (anus, mouth, eyes, skin). Once you move through these die-offs you may find your need for sweet becomes much less over time.

Call me crazy, but I see this all the time. It definitely takes time and effort but is possible. I know because I did this and I have consulted those who do it all the time. I highly recommend The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) if you want to dive in and try this.

Put the sour back in…

Our bodies have an innate need for sour food which is one of the 5 tastes (savory, salty, sweet, sour, bitter). This unique flavor plays a key role in keeping cravings in check and helps our body relax and feel nourished, especially  the liver. Unfortunately, many of us no longer include sour foods in our diet.

Cultured foods are naturally sour. Try a shot of cultured veggie juice, milk kefir, or young coconut kefir when you’re hit with cravings and see how you feel over time! Once your body acquires a taste for these “zingy” foods, you may wonder how you went so long without them.

Eat something cultured every day…

These days I think of cultured food as less of a condiment and more of a staple for health. They played a big role in clearing up my digestive issues …. Cheers to squelching cravings the natural ‘guilt-free’ way.

These foods are alive and so am I!! Thank you Tara. B.U., Bethel, VT

Cultured Butter

Hold the Salt in Sauerkraut

Probiotic-Rich Purple Potion

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