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Nutritional Consultations: Pricing & Booking

A nutritional consultation for any health issue, including support for The Body Ecology Diet can be booked below. You will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days with potential times for us to meet by phone, Skype, or in-person at my home office in Central Vermont. 

Pick My Brain (60″ for $45)

A good choice for answers to basic questions about detoxing, food combining, adjusting diet while pregnant/breastfeeding, feeding picky eaters, feeding kids with food sensitivities, getting “things” moving, etc. 

*Half-hour sessions available upon request ($25).

Healing Menu Plan (5-day menu plan for $150)

A good choice for for individuals with specific health issues, dietary needs, and/or for those on a particular diet (i.e. Body Ecology Diet, GAPS, low FODMAP, Paleo). I have experience creating nourishing menus since 1999 and enjoy working together to come up with something you can use week after week in a variety of new ways. Whether faced with an illness or starting a new way of eating, a menu plan can make life easier. Lighten your load with this valuable tool.

See ingredient disclosure.

Start-Up Support (90″ intake plus two 60″ follow-ups  for $300)

A good choice for customized nutritional support with an in-depth review of your health and dietary needs. You receive a weekly food journal, various handouts, and summary of recommendations made during our time together. Start-Ups are designed to assess current health as you step into a new way of eating and living. 

Note: I’m not a licensed medical practitioner; if you have health issues that are not well managed or are severely restricted in what you can eat, please contact me before booking.

May all bellies be happy!

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