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Pricing & Booking for Nutritional Consultations

You can book a nutritional consultation or a more specific body ecology support by clicking on one of the options below. I will send you a confirmation email within 3 business days with potential times to meet by phone, Skype, or in-person at my home office in Central Vermont. 

Option 1: Pick My Brain: 60″ ($65)

A good choice for answers to basic questions, such as detox, food combining, adjusting diet while pregnant/breastfeeding, feeding picky eaters or kids with food sensitivities, getting “things” moving, so on. We will brainstorm together and I will cheer you on as you fine-tune your experience. 

*Half-hour sessions available, please contact Tara to book ($35).

Option 2: Start-Up: 90″ intake + two follow-ups/60″ each ($350)

A good choice for customized nutritional support with an in-depth review of your health history and dietary needs. You’ll receive a weekly food journal, various handouts, and a summary of recommendations made during our time together. Start-Ups are designed to assess your current state of health as you step into a new way of eating. 

Note: I am not a licensed medical practitioner; if you have a health condition that is not well-managed or you are severely restricted in what you are able to eat, please contact me before booking.

May all bellies be happy!

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