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Placenta Encapsulation – Tea & Tincture

Placenta tea and tincture are included in the encapsulation service at no additional cost. They can be used in conjunction with the placenta capsules. The benefits are similar to the capsules and can be used during times of hormonal shifts; such as after having a baby 🙂 You will receive a handout on the day of service with suggested dosages and ideas on how to use both.

Mother’s Tea

I only have a handful of moms not drink the tea. Even those who swear they won’t drink it, do and tell me they are glad they did. Who knows, but I think that something primal happens after a woman gives birth that makes odd things like drinking ‘placenta tea’ sound like a good idea.

The tea is simply placenta broth steeped with lactation-friendly herbs that taste like spearmint and fennel, lightly sweetened with honey and poured into a disposable cup that you can drink within the days after your baby is born. Any remaining tea is frozen into ice cube trays (that I bring) and popped into a labeled Ziploc bag that can be used anytime you feel the need for a quick lift. 

Placenta Tincture

This tincture is for you and baby and is a way to extend many of the same benefits that your placenta capsules provide you with; especially after they are gone because the tincture lasts a long time when stored properly. You can also take a portion of the tincture to a local herbalist and have them made into homeopathic sugar pellets.

The tincture can be used anytime your hormones are out of whack (i.e. stressed, anxious, irritable) or reserved for when your menstrual period returns. You can even save it for further down the road when you are moving through menopause. The tincture can help baby with colic, teething, and diaper rash (mix drops into salve) and when he or she is older, the tincture can be used during times of transition or distress (i.e. going to day-care or school, separation anxiety) or for common childhood illnesses (cough, fever).

Fee: There is no additional charge for tea or tincture.


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I am thrilled to be sipping on this nourishing tea. I am 2 days postpartum and today is encapsulation day, along with gorgeous prints and tincture. I am resting in bed with my baby and the tea is just what I needed. Thank you for this wonderful experience. ~ B.L., Burlington

Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research. However, statements on this website aren’t evaluated by the FDA and products from these services aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please make any decision in regards to consuming your placenta with a licensed care provider. A Placenta Encapsulationist isn’t a doctor, holistic practitioner,  pharmaceutical representative, or herbalist. Women utilizing this service take full responsibility for using their placenta capsules at own risk.

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