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Placenta Encapsulation with Tara, CPES.

I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for new moms in Vermont and New Hampshire. I prepare placenta capsules using a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method that’s on file with the FDA and follow OSHA/EPA disinfection guidelines. I am PBi-certified.

To comply with state and federal guidelines, I encapsulate in your home or that of a friend/family member. I bring all needed supplies and only need access to a sink, stove-top, electrical outlet, and bit of counter space. The entire process is completed in two steps and takes a total of 5-7 hours; your kitchen is cleaned and sanitized after each step. 

Can a Group B Strep positive (GBS+) mom use placenta capsules? see answer here

You might think it awkward to have this done in your home and though it may be a minor inconvenience, I’m not a guest nor do I expect to meet the baby. I quietly come ‘n go; leaving capsules behind for the postpartum period.

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Placenta capsules contain:

  • Protein
  • Hormones  (i.e. oxytocin, prolactin)
  • Trace elements (i.e. iron, zinc)
  • B Vitamins (i.e. B6, B12)
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
  • Placental Opiod-Enhancing Factor

Placenta capsules are used after birth to:

    • Balance hormones
    • Stimulate breast-milk supply
    • Increase iron/energy
    • Decrease risk of “baby blues” and/or depression/anxiety
    • Relieve pain from c-section or stitches
    • Tighten ‘n tone uterus to pre-pregnant size
    • Strengthen immune system
    • Shorten postpartum bleeding (lochia)
    • Regulate thyroid
    • Recover from birth

Easy as taking a prenatal vitamin.

You can choose to have your placenta packed in plain or grape flavored capsules. These can be taken with or without food during the initial weeks after birth while the pituitary gland once again learns to regulate hormones (the placenta regulates hormones during pregnancy). Any remaining capsules can be stored in freezer for a later time. 

I’ve been encapsulating since 2011. What started as a part-time hobby is now a secure part of my life. I’m on-call all the time and love to hear from ‘my moms’ about how they respond to the capsules …. how clarity returns to her eyes, how color rushes back to her cheeks, how her sleep deepens, and she feels centered and on top of her game.

Happy mom, happy baby, happy family 🙂

Tara, PBi-Encapsulator

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Serving Central VT, Chittenden County, & Upper Valley, NH

Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research. However, statements here are not evaluated by the FDA and my service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please make any decisions to consume your placenta with your care provider. I am not a medical doctor, holistic practitioner, or herbalist. Those utilizing this service take full responsibility for using their placenta capsules, tea, and tincture at their own risk.

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