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Placenta Encapsulation – Testimonials


The capsules are amazing! Zero anxiety or depression, limited fatigue. Sleep in general is deep and better. Lots of energy, great milk! Not much uterine pain and it seems to have contracted. I can’t say enough good things about my pills – only wish I’d done this with my 1st baby. ~ R.H. Stowe, VT

Thank you for my placenta capsules and for the difference you’ve chosen to make in so many new lives. ~ E.P. Essex Junction, VT

Mastitis is gone!! Thank you so much for your service! What you do is an amazing thing and I recommend you to all my local mommas. ~ T.R. Barre, VT (mom of 3 kids, 2 of which she encapsulated with)

We came home from the hospital as Tara was finishing up. She contacted me in the weeks after to check in and adjust dosage. Very professional and efficient. ~ L.P. Concord, NH

Tara left our kitchen cleaner than she found it, which was greatly appreciated during a time of quiet and rest in our household. ~ M.B. Cabot, VT

Your work is poetry in motion – with movements that are seamless, flowing, and mindful of this intimate time in our lives. Thank you. ~ R.G. Weathersfield, VT

Your thorough care, kind personality, and gentle spirit make what you do so much more than a job. I’m thankful to have met you. ~ A.K. Woodstock, VT

I plan to encapsulate my placenta again in the future. I wouldn’t give birth without using my placenta for postpartum healing. ~ L.B. Burlington, VT

You provide an incredible, necessary service to women and their families. ~ C.G. Bethel, VT

Milk Production

breastfeedingjpgMy milk came in faster and richer this time. With my last 2 I was so tired from not having enough milk. If you have any doubts about doing this…just do it. It’s worth every penny to go through the postpartum feeling great and without exhaustion or big emotions made everything easier. ~ M.K. St. Johnsbury, VT

I couldn’t breastfeed my 1st and chose to encapsulate with my 2nd in hopes it’d boost my milk. After the 2nd dose I felt a let-down tingle. Though, I still need to supplement with formula I’m excited to nurse and cherish this time. ~ L.J. Bolton, VT.

I had breast reduction surgery 5 yrs. ago and was told I may not be able to breastfeed in the future. Within days of taking capsules I had enough milk to feed my baby and only supplemented with a couple ounces a day. Such a difference from my last baby who I fed 100% formula. ~ P.L. Lawrence, MA

Not So Weird After All

Thank you for having an awesome craft, for your professionalism, and for always getting back to my emails with positive words and lots of love. I truly hope your business grows. I’ll do my part to get the word out about you! My new baby thanks you too! I’m telling everybody about my capsules whether they’re weirded out or not 🙂 Shayne was wonderful according to my mom-in-law (who was super squeamish about the whole thing). She now thinks the process is interesting and is totally into it! ~ S.S. Stowe, VT

Sleep Deprivation & Insomnia

Everyone thought I was crazy, but the capsules were so effective at curbing moodiness after birth that my husband could tell if I forgot to take them! It was an energy boost. I don’t know how I’d have gotten through the 1st months of sleep deprivation without them, esp. since caffeine and nursing don’t mix! ~ K.H. Lincoln, NH

I didn’t sleep much for the 1st couple days after my baby was born. As soon as I drank the tea I felt a buzz and then slept deeply for 3 hrs straight.~  T.R. Shelburne, VT

c-section photoCesarean Birth

I’ve taken my capsules for 5 days now since my c-section. My milk has come in, bleeding virtually stopped, energy high (considering I’m not sleeping at night), and my mood stable – only one meltdown that was mostly happy tears. ~ T.L. Lincoln, NH

My sister brought my capsules and tea to the hospital and I didn’t need pain medication after my c-section. I wish they lasted forever. ~ R.E. Bristol, VT

Depression & Anxiety

After a few days taking the capsules, I started to feel better. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and this was better than any anti-depression medication. Every woman should have her placenta encapsulated. I wish it was just a part of birthing process. ~ I.F. Bristol, VT

My friends gave me a gift certificate for Happy Bellies to encapsulate my placenta. I have a toddler and now twin girls and have kept my cool. I would do this again in a heartbeat. ~ M.O. Bridgton, ME

My capsules have been great and I’ve had dramatically less postpartum depression than last time. ~ T.S. Montpelier, VT

This time I didn’t experience the PPD I had with my 1st child. I’m so glad not to have missed out on those precious first weeks. I wish all women knew about you. ~ A.J. Brattleboro, VT

I’ve been medicated for bipolar since I was a teen. Once pregnant my condition stabilized and I did not need my medication. But doctor said my condition would return within hours of birth and I’d need medication again. This meant I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. I chose to encapsulate and successfully breastfed my baby for the first 10 weeks without any dips in my mood. I’m grateful to have established this connection with my baby. Thank you Tara. ~ K.O. Northfield, VT

Good Mood

Smilebox_719646971Encapsulating was one of the best decisions I made. They helped manage my stress and moods. I will absolutely encapsulate with my next baby. ~ P.L. Lebanon, NH

I drank the tea when my baby was 6 weeks. I was in such a good mood after and had a ton of energy. I deep-cleaned the house! ~ F.O. Stowe, VT

I’m glad we decided to use your service. I feel a positive change in my mood. Nothing but great things to say. I’ll be sending you business from my pregnant friends! ~ J.G. Danville, VT

3rd baby and what a world of difference in my postpartum experience! I feel happier, less stressed out (even with a toddler to chase after), and way more connected to this baby. I can’t recommend Tara enough. ~ R.C. Scituate, MA

Hormonal Issues

I encapsulated at 2 weeks postpartum. On 2nd day of taking capsules my night sweats went away. I’d had them nightly since birth, soaking through jammies and sheets. I also felt the bond with my baby got stronger. I just felt more in tune with her. ~ E.F. Marshfield, VT

Blood Loss

I needed a blood transfusion because my iron levels were low after hemorrhaging. I didn’t want a transfusion, so I drank a pint of Tea and 2 doses of placenta capsules. I improved so much that I was released. Without a transfusion. ~ I.P. Montpelier, VT

Bless your golden, giving heart for all that you do. – Katherine Bramhall (midwife in Vermont since 1988)


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