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Nutritional Consultations with Tara, NC.

As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I work with various health issues; especially those relating to the digestive system, hence the name of my business, Happy Bellies. I also enjoy working with those healing on The Body Ecology Diet.

No matter what brings us together, you will find that I am diligent and thorough in seeing you as a whole person. Please see the options below on how to work together, I look forward to meeting with you.

My main health interests:

I have experience with the following ways of eating:


  • 2014-present, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, NC at Happy Bellies.
  • 2014-present, Administrator B.E.D. Support, B.E.D. Kids, B.E.D. Recipes & Food Ideas
  • 2011-2014, Holistic Nutrition Consultant training at Bauman College, Berkeley, CA.
  • 2011, Personal Chef training at Culinary Business Academy, Atlanta, GA. 
  • 2009-2011, Macrobiotic Counselor & Healing Chef training at MacroAmerica, Chico, CA.
  • 2003-2011, Personal Therapeutic Chef for individuals and families.
  • 2000, Massage training at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.
  • 1999-2001, Baker at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA for community of 250.
  • 1998-1999, Apprentice at Vega, Oroville, CA with Cornelia Aihara/Shizuko Yamamoto.
  • 1997, Study Exchange Program at University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia.
  • 1993-1998, Bachelor of Science at Wheelock College, Boston, MA. (major: human development/concentration: early childhood education).


Tara, you are full of good information. As the saying goes “it’s only a one degree difference for water to boil” .… you are that degree that helps me stay on track. SC, Cleveland, OH

I met with Tara for 6-weeks for a constipation issue. During that time I began to poop daily, rather than every 10 days. Tara’s bag of tricks and guidance made the difference. PK, Boulder, CO


You can book a nutritional consultation or more specific body ecology support with one of the options below:

Pick My Brain – 60 minutes

This is a good choice for answers to basic questions, such as detox, food combining, adjusting diet while pregnant/breastfeeding, feeding picky eaters or kids with food sensitivities, getting “things” moving, and so on. We will brainstorm together and you will be cheered on as you fine-tune your experience. 

Start-Ups – 90 minute intake plus two follow-ups (60 minutes each) 

This is a good choice for customized nutritional support with an in-depth review of your health history and dietary needs. You will receive a weekly food journal, variety of handouts, and a summary of recommendations made during our time together. Start-Ups are designed to assess your current state of health as you take steps into a different way of eating and living. 

See pricing and booking.

May all bellies be happy!

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