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Channeled Intuitive Readings with Tara

I am an Intuitive Channel with natural abilities as a claircognizant. I’ve been channeling for 20+ yrs. and keep a down-to-earth manner to provide you with an open space to address your questions. 

I offer readings by phone, Skype, or in-person for those that live in Central Vermont. My approach is spontaneous and authentic and you do not need to offer any relevant information when you book.

You can click here to book a reading.

Channeled readings are for individuals over 18 years old and can help with…

  • Relationships
  • Career changes
  • Dietary needs*
  • Health issues
  • Life direction
  • Personal growth
  • Traumatic experiences

*If you’d like a reading specifically geared towards diet, please see my work as a Food Intuitive.


I’m apprehensive to do a reading, what should I expect?

It’s common for people to be apprehensive the first time they have a reading. They quickly find that my approach is direct, down to earth, and my ability to shed light into complex situations puts people at ease. I take the time to process and explain messages so that my clients understand and integrate the information they are receiving. 

What’s the best way to prepare for a reading?

Plan to find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted by kids or pets. You might want to write up questions ahead of time, make a cup of tea, use the restroom, and have paper and pen nearby to take notes.

Are the readings recorded?

The readings are not recorded, though you are welcome to do so. It is normal for me to close my eyes during a session and enter an altered state of consciousness and though I am 100% conscious of what is going on, and being said, I do not always recall the details of what has been spoken once a session is complete.

How do I pay for a reading?

You can book online via PayPal with any major credit card, you don’t need a PayPal account. If you prefer to pay with a personal check, please contact Tara to pay and book your session. 


Channeled Intuitive Readings (60 minutes for $85) – You can book online here.

Long distance is no distance at all when it comes to a channeled reading.
~ LS, Austin, TX

The most helpful thing about my time with Tara were the things I already knew but wasn’t necessarily acknowledging. Part of me didn’t want to see this, but already knew. Some of the words she used were hard to hear, but true. AS, Montpelier, VT 

Tara ROCKS. During my reading I seriously felt like she was sitting inside of my body, feeling what I felt. I hung up the phone empowered and more in control of my health issues. AK, Bangor, ME

Meet Tara, an Intuitive Channel

Food Intuitive Readings (via phone or Skype)




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