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Channeled Readings with Tara

Tara Carpenter, NC. is an Intuitive Channel and offers individualized guidance by phone, Skype, or in-person at her Vermont office in a down to earth manner to answer your questions about… 

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Health
  • Purpose
  • Diet*

* For a reading specifically geared towards a diet issue, you can ask for a food intuitive reading. Tara combines her skill as a channeler with her knowledge of nutrition to explore ways in which specific foods may be influencing you. Tara focuses on each person as a whole; considering diet and health issues while supporting overall lifestyle and emotional well-being. Food intuitive readings can help with weight management, infant colic, food sensitivities, eating disorders, digestive issues, or a diagnosed issue with a direct correlation to nutrition (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol).

Note: You are encouraged to talk with your health care professional about areas that remain in doubt or concern; especially if you are moving through an illness and want to make a change to your current way of eating.


 60 minute Channeled Reading – $125, book online here.

Long distance is no distance at all when it comes to a channeled reading.
~ LS, Austin, TX

Tara ROCKS. During my reading I seriously felt like she was sitting inside of my body, feeling what I felt. I hung up the phone empowered and more in control of my health issues. AK, Bangor, ME

I met with Tara by phone for food readings over a 6-week period for constipation. During our time I began to have a bowel movement every day rather than every 10 days. Her supportive guidance and bag of tricks made all the difference. ~ S.C. Shaker Heights, OH

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