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Ben’s Breakfast

Ben's Breakfast!

Ben’s Breakfast!

My son awoke on a recent Saturday morning and offered to prepare breakfast. With the typical rush of our daily grind coming to a halt on this relaxing weekend morning, I happily accepted his offer.

I busied myself chopping vegetables for a dinner casserole, watching from the corner of my eye as this boy of mine moved about the kitchen with grace and ease. Speaking aloud, yet to himself, he busily went to work pulling assorted dishes and food from the refrigerator.

Other than my help turning on the gas burners, he did it all – even deciding the menu; cleaning the pots and pans he needed; and cutting a head of cabbage with my cleaver! At one point I asked if I could add some oil to a hot skillet. Ben motioned me away saying “I can man this kitchen Mom”!

Less than an hour later, with a hungry mom and a little brother, Ben kicked out an amazingly simple, beautiful and well-rounded breakfast…’gluten-yeast-sugar free’ to boot!  Not even eggs or dairy (not that I would mind if he had!). Neat to see what he has picked up from being nearby in the kitchen these past few years as I go about preparing our day-to-day food.

Move over momma, another cook is clearly in the house 🙂

Ben's Breakfast

Ben’s Breakfast

Ben’s Breakfast Menu

Millet Porridge with Cinnamon-Stevia Sprinkles

Sauteed Green Beans & Onions

Flax Seed Pancakes

Roasted Delicata Squash

Steamed Cabbage

Dill Pickles


May all bellies be happy!

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5 comments to Ben’s Breakfast

  • Tara

    We do not have that one written down nor have I ever made it but I believe he put in there soaked flax seeds with Herbamore, diced scallions and hmmm I think that is it. I have also seen him use an egg yolk and some raw grated goat cheese in there too 🙂

  • Tara

    You guys are so sweet! Yes, a cookbook for kids (Happy Bellies for Kids!!) is in the works as are many other projects at the moment 🙂 My son and I love to cook together and now that he is reading and writing can write his recipes down on his own. We will keep everyone in the loop!!

  • Michelle

    Wow! Tara sounds like your doing a great job raising your son. He sounds smart, confident, thoughtful and even health conscious.

    Ben, I agree with Shirley. Would love to make your breakfast dishes or buy a B.E.D. inspired kids recipe book. Your a great example to kids and adults alike trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Jonathan

    That is awesome! I agree with Shirley: could we see the flax pancakes recipe? Looks like a delicious breakfast.

  • Shirley

    Oh, please, Ben. Would you write up your recipes? I’d LOVE to make your breakfast! I think I can figure out how to do everything except the flax seed pancakes. Would you write up that one?

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