Cod Liver Oil

Tara, Intuitive Channel

I am a channel with an extensive background in the field of nutrition. Though I have taken various courses since 1988 to develop my abilities, I consider myself to be self-taught with a continuous desire to learn. 

Every Intuitive Channel is unique in how they use their abilities. I happen to be strongest in clauraudience (clear hearing), which means I hear words not always audible to the physical ear. I also taste/feel things and see images.

Being intuitive is different from being psychic in that I do not read the future or the mind. Instead, I read individual energy that contains subtle information at a high vibration frequency; a language I am both comfortable with and understand. My role is to speak aloud what comes through in understandable ways with intent on providing insight and direction for any life issue that you are dealing with.

By blending my abilities, I hope to bring life to the words that are being said for you to hear.

The seat of the soul is where the inner world and the outer world meet. ~ Joseph Campbell


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