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How My Family Eats Liver


Most of us know that liver is good for us and that this animal organ comes with benefits; especially for women.

I was raised in a Boston suburb with limited access (or exposure) to traditional food, though my mother fried chicken livers with bacon ‘n onion that I ate readily. That was the extent of my experience with liver until I was an adult.

My husband on the other hand grew up on liver of all sorts …. lamb liver, cow liver, pig liver, you name it. He hails from Czech and was raised by his grandparents who worked a piece of land which explains that part. 

Preserving Generations

When I had my babies, I raised them on various traditional foods to make this way of eating as ‘normal’ as possible in hopes that one day they too will introduce such health-promoting foods to their own children; my grandchildren. 

My teen has become more difficult to feed but is still much more open than others his age. My youngest will dive into liver, fish heads, heart stew, fried tongue, really just about anything I put in front of him …. unless it’s bright orange Kraft macaroni and cheese …. he might not know what to do with that one 🙂 

Lost Art of Eating

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I see the upcoming generations as less savvy about eating liver; partly because they did not grow up with this food, so were not exposed to it at an age where it became acceptable to them. Nor were their parents. It’s the parents (and grandparents) who pass down food habits; a very important role. If you were not raised with liver, then it can be hard to get accustomed to the taste of this traditional good-for-you food, but not impossible. 

If you are reading this and are someone who slathers pate on crackers or spears liver wrapped in bacon, then skip this post entirely, you have a good dose of liver going in! If you can’t fathom liver, read the rest of this post and check out my recipe for liver pills.


Liver can help balance hormones, boost energy, boost libido, and is an excellent source of iron and protein. Liver is one of Nature’s most concentrated sources of vitamin A and contains all the B vitamins; including folate.

How has liver helped me as a woman?? Since I started taking liver pills, my menstrual periods are smoother; coming on without any big shifts in my body or moods. My mood swings have lessened too. When I’m in the habit of taking them, I see more color in my cheeks and my iron levels feel normal. This is good news as I tend to run anemic.

Here are more benefits that I get from eating liver on a regular basis.

Energize Naturally

I definitely notice how energizing liver is. If I get low during the day and take my liver pills, feel a change come on pretty quick. This might be because liver plays a role in building up the body’s nutritional stores of vitamin K, B12, vitamin A, copper, and folate; all vitamins that many of us tend to be deficient in.

How To Eat Liver

Liver pills go down the easiest in my opinion and do not have much of an after-taste, which everyone appreciates. Even my teenager, who will no longer eat liver, easily pops a couple liver pills, no problem. My youngest is still too young to swallow pills, but he eats liver straight up so is the least of my worries.

What I love most about liver pills is that they contain 100% liver, with no added fillers. They are flavorless and a very simple way to get your daily dose of vitamins. Best of all, they are in the raw form which means the enzymes and nutrients in them are potent and easily absorbed/delivered into your body.

Hardest part about liver pills is the time it takes to prepare them. Have faith! They are worth the effort. I make a large batch at once so I don’t have to make them as often. I put on a ‘Ted Talk’, sharpen knife, and get down to business. 

If you, or your child, is weary of liver (and you don’t want to make pills) then you can always buy desiccated liver capsules from Radiant Life. This is the expensive option but for some works the best. I also suggest to take your liver, pasture-raised of course, and puree it into ground beef/pork along with some minced celery, onion, garlic, spices and shape that into burgers, sausages, even meatloaf which is lovely and one of my favorite ways to eat liver.  

Choose Pasture-Raised

You must source liver from pasture-raised animals to avoid the risk of parasites and other pathogens. This is very important. Even better, raise the animal yourself or buy from a local farmer (that you know and trust) and ask them to freeze the liver immediately after slaughtering. Do NOT use conventional supermarket liver.

My Geek On

Liver contains more bio-available nutrients (easily used/metabolized by the body) gram for gram than any other food. Did you catch that?? This is why liver is considered a nutrient-dense food or even a superfood like everything seems to be called these days. I like to call them tiny powerhouses 🦸‍♀️

Traditional Milk Kefir

Thumbs Up: Keeping Kids Cavity-Free 😁

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Photo credit: Thank you Kimberly Mahurin! (owner of Method of Hope)


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