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Liver…A Bitter Pill to Swallow


My oldest taking liver ‘pills’.

We know that liver has a ton of benefits, but more recent generations didn’t grow up eating liver; or want to eat it. If you already slather pate on crackers or wrap liver in bacon, then skip this post. You have a good dose of liver going on! But, if you can’t fathom eating liver, then check out my recipe for liver ‘pills’.

What’s so great about liver?

Liver can help balance hormones and boost the energy and libido in both women and men. It is an excellent source of protein and Nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A. Liver contains an abundant amount of B vitamins and is a great sources of folate and iron. Here is a longer list of benefits.

Get energized…naturally.

I notice how energizing liver is. If I get low during the day, I take some of my liver pills and feel a change come on pretty quick. This may be because liver plays a role in building back the body’s nutritional stores of vitamin K, B12, vitamin A, copper, and folate – vitamins that many of us tend to be deficient in.

The geeky nutritionist…

Here’s my geek-on…Liver contains more bio-available nutrients gram for gram than any other food. This is what makes it a nutrient-dense food. Or, a superfood as people call things like this nowadays. I call ’em tiny powerhouses 😉

An easy way to eat liver.

Liver ‘pills’ go down easily and do not have an after-taste. Even my teenager – who does not like liver – will pop a couple each day. My youngest is still too young to swallow pills of this size and so I blend his liver into ground meat and shape that into hamburger patties or meatloaf.

Ever since I started taking liver pills, my menstrual periods are smoother. My mood swings too. When I am in the habit of taking them every day, I see more color in my cheeks and my iron levels feel normal. This is great news as I run on the anemic side. Here are some more benefits that I get from eating liver.

Liver ‘pills’ are straight-up liver and do not contain any fillers. They are practically flavorless and a very easy way to get a daily dose of vitamins. Best of all, they are raw which means that the enzymes and nutrients are potent and easily delivered in to your body. Liver ‘pills’ take time to prepare, but they are well-worth the effort. I make a big bunch at once so I do not have to make them again for awhile. I put on a Ted Talk, sharpen a knife, and cut away!

Pasture-raised and pasture-raised only.

Source liver from pasture-raised animals, even better buy from a local farmer who freezes the liver immediately after butchering. Do NOT use conventional supermarket liver. 

Recipe for Liver ‘Pills’

Benefits of Liver 

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Photo credit: Kimberly Mahurin, Method of Hope 


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