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Channeled Readings – FAQ

What is the best way to prepare for a reading?

You might want to write up questions ahead of time. If your session will be over the phone than you might want to make a cup of tea and use the restroom before sitting in a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted by kids or pets. You are always welcome to record your reading. 

I’ve never had a channeled reading, what should I expect?

You will find that my approach is gentle but direct and that I am able to shed light into complex situations. I take the time to process and explain messages that I hear so that you can clearly understand and integrate the information that you receive. I normally close my eyes during a session and enter an altered state of consciousness, and though I am 100% aware of what is going on and being said, I am not always able to recall the details of what has been spoken once a session is complete. 

Will you give an example of a channeled reading?

No reading presents itself the same way as we are each different in how we present ourselves. I work with the energy that runs underneath the mind and do my best to articulate what I see, hear, and feel. Sometimes there is a clear understanding for everyone involved and other times what you receive can be subtle and take time to connect the dots. 

~ I met with a client and saw a pair of bright colored running shoes. I heard the words “hit the ground running” and felt sweat on my face and a lightness in my body. It turned out that she used to be a runner and had bought a pair of running shoes 4 months ago but hadn’t taken them out the box yet. After our session she went running.

~ I met with a client and right away my back went straight as a broomstick. My posture was amazing and I couldn’t move out of the position, nor did I want to because I felt great. I voiced this and she laughed and said her nickname used to be ‘posture girl’ as she had great posture from years of ballet training. She got off the phone excited to sign up for dance class and reclaim this part of herself. 

Will a deceased loved one come through during my session?

There are times when a parent, grandparent, or other deceased loved one comes through. This is not a sure bet though, nor is it my specialty. If this is what you are primarily looking for, you may want to go to someone who specializes in mediumship.

How did you become a Food Intuitive?

The way a lot of people get into doing work that they love…by struggling with my own health issues. In my early 20’s, I began to look into the healing nature of food which inspired me to apprentice with many influential teachers and work as a Therapeutic Chef for people with mild to severe health conditions. After many years cooking in a medicinal way, I attended Bauman College to become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Soon after opening my practice, I found that my psychic abilities naturally wove into my sessions and my clients appreciated the extra insight and began to ask for support in this way. Over time it made sense to blend my channeling skills with my knowledge of nutrition and call myself a Food Intuitive

Will you give an example of a food intuitive reading?

~ I met with a client who asked about a rash and I was immediately drawn to the area. I ‘felt’ heat and roughness, I ‘tasted’ chocolate and wanted to spit it out, I ‘saw’ a cucumber and felt a cooling sensation, I ‘heard’ a list of foods that this man could eat and avoid.

~ I met with a client who was having difficulty motivating herself to lose weight. I saw her on the kitchen floor curled up in a ball crying. I asked her if someone had recently died. She replied that her husband had been killed 4 months ago. We talked about taking time to grieve and she cried tears that had been held in for a long time. 

Good morning Tara, I want to let you know that our session made a potent imprint on my system. I feel deeply seen, in a way I may never have been seen in my life. I cannot thank you enough for your time and attention, and for your skills. ~ J.B. San Francisco, CA

I am grateful for Tara’s teachings and guidance. She’s someone who I will always admire and respect for her commitment to help others like me to make changes that allow us to have a better and happier life. ~ S.M. Bogotá, Colombia

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