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How My Family Takes Fermented Cod Oil (FCLO)


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We take fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) every day, twice a day, all year round with a slight break during the summer months. My kids started taking it when they were 2 and 7 and my husband likes it straight-up without any added flavored. Personally, I like the chocolate blend and my oldest likes the caramel coconut oil-infused cod oil. My youngest will lick the spoon clean of anything. If we travel, I pack a bottle of the capsules to keep things easy.

Green Pastures

Not everyone likes the taste – or smell for that matter – but there are tricks to getting it down. Green Pasture’s is the only FCLO distributor I know of at this time in the U.S. This family-owned company makes it easy with a variety of flavors (i.e. chocolate, caramel, carob-banana, mint, orange, cinnamon). Course if you go the capsule route, you will have no problem getting it down, but will miss out on the great “oil bath” for your teeth 🐳

Suggested dosages here.

My Story

I used to dread brushing my teeth because of how sensitive they were. Eating was torture as too hot or too cold food hurt my teeth. I used Sensodyne toothpaste and got numbing medication for each dental cleaning. I was getting cavities left and right and went for a cleaning every 2 months rather than the obligatory 6 months. 

After taking fermented cod liver oil for 6 weeks, my dentist couldn’t believe how my teeth had improved. I no longer needed anything but a gentle cleaning every 6 months and received a gold star for every appointment. Today, as I write this post, my teeth feel strong as rocks 😀

No Magic Cure


If your teeth are currently in rough shape, FCLO may not be a cure-all. There are other important things you can do for dental health; like soaking grains, replacing sugar with lakanto, and making sure you don’t have yeast overgrowth (take quiz). In my opinion, I think the oil is most beneficial for enamel erosion, tooth sensitivity, gum recession, surface cavities, and in-between teeth cavities.

FCLO can help these issues the most because when you swish the oil in your mouth the good fats and nutrients get right in there to fill the areas in need of healing. In this way, taking FCLO is like ‘oil pulling’ but better! If this is what you’re after then check out the Royal Butter Blends.

I’ll tell you a story …. for years, I tried to rescue 2 teeth that had been going south since my firstborn. One of the teeth had been fractured when I was a kid and the decay was deep down and way in. The other was a wisdom tooth and hard for the dentist to get to. After trying many things, including mega doses of FCLO, I put up my hands and had them removed. 

My Kids

My 11 year old hasn’t had a cavity yet, which may seem surprising because he is sensitive to dairy and the good nutrients in there for building up the teeth. Yet, I have always given him plenty of bone stock, marrow, fish bones, salmon heads, and seaweed. All this, plus cod oil, seems to be doing him right. My 16 year old had a small cavity before he started cod oil, but none since. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and FCLO down the hatch 👅

How I Found FCLO

I learned about fermented cod liver oil from the book Cure Tooth Decay. A book that says just what it does. The ideas worked for us and I ordered a couple bottles from Green Pasture’s. At first, I only liked the capsules, but then I got into the cinnamon cod oil. Now I like the Royal Blends, especially in chocolate. After years of taking this oil and sharing it with friends, family, and clients I became a Group Buyer so I could buy lots of bottle and share them with my local community in Vermont at a discounted price. 

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