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ASEA: Natural Supplement for Women

Laura_Flynn (1)I learned of ASEA while encapsulating for a mom whose placenta was so vital that I inquired if she had done anything differently during her pregnancy. The one unique thing this mom had done on a regular basis was supplement with ASEA; a bio-active solution containing Redox Signaling molecules that are safe and support the immune system. This natural supplement can be helpful for women in the childbearing years when the body is in a constant state of building itself.

Women work hard

Women menstruate, grow babies, give birth, recover from birth, breastfeed, and sometimes do it all again with another baby. And when their cycle returns to them again, they menstruate. All of this hard work of growing and feeding a baby can tax a woman’s immune system so it must work that much harder to stay strong.

ASEA uses the power of Redox molecules to strengthen immunity by supporting cellular efficiency and communication. And, when your cells communicate freely and quickly with each other they can better support every part of your body…from the inside out.

One mom’s experience 

The new mom I encapsulated for took ASEA a year prior to conceiving and during pregnancy. Her pregnancy was an easy one and she moved through that winter without getting sick once – even though co-workers often had the flu. She had lots of energy and mobility up until the day she birthed a healthy 9 lb baby.

This mom had known what a difference ASEA made in her daily life, yet she was amazed to hear how healthy her placenta was. She felt it was tangible proof of ASEA’s power.

Mom can’t afford sick days 

I wish I’d known about this product when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. What a difference it could have made in my energy levels and ability to deal with daily stresses and anxiety – not to mention sleeping better and not getting sick.

Watching this new mom enjoy ASEA daily and move through her postpartum with plenty of breastmilk, little to no anxiety/stress, great recovery, and no postpartum depression motivated me to try ASEA for myself. I was 40 years old when I tried it and I loved the feeling I had inside while taking it. I also felt that it helped my anemia. I did find that I needed to start slow, and with small amounts, as it seemed to have a strong detoxifying effect on my system. I also filled a small spray bottle with some of it and used it as a facial mister.

A healthy YOU starts with healthy cells.

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May all bellies be happy!

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5 comments to ASEA: Natural Supplement for Women

  • Tara

    After working with placentas for a few years now, there’s a definite vitality to some. This one was above in beyond…meaning it had great iron, deep red color, dense tissue, intact membranes, no calcifications, etc.

  • Tara

    Placenta has been proven to slow down the skin’s aging process. And keep the skin smooth, firm, and healthy. This is not my area of expertise though. I encapsulate new mom’s placentas into capsules for them to take during the postpartum period. That said, the rumor is that placentas are collected from maternity wards here in U.S.A. and sent to have the cells are extracted from the placental tissue and given the label “Hyaluronic acid” (or other slight variations along those lines). In Europe, animal cell extracts are often used. Many of us have this ingredient perhaps unknowingly in our creams and masks. The more expensive the cream, the more likely that placenta is in there. Celebrities swear by the stuff 🙂

  • Eleyna Felix

    Can you give me specifics on placenta skin care. I hear its very good for the skin.
    Thank You!!

  • Tara

    To me, every placenta is a beauty. As an endocrine organ it has much circulation moving throughout it. That means that some placentas that I work with have different amounts of movement. So some are more charged up than others simply put. Some have more calcification than others. Some are more dense throughout than others. Some are larger than others. All said, I have never encapsulated for a mom who did not benefit from her own placenta capsules – each placenta is so uniquely designed and created for and by the mom 🙂

  • Smile. Be Happy.

    Hello! How do you determine if a placenta is vital or not?

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