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Customized Healing Meal Plans

Each healing meal plan is customized for individuals with specific health issues, dietary needs and/or for those on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). Plans are further adjusted depending on age, activity level, taste preference, even blood type.

Enjoy various ‘gluten-sugar-yeast free’ recipes for meals and snacks that can be rotated throughout the busy week. Ingredients are simple and harmoniously prepared using the principle of food combining so that food is easy-to-digest and healing for the body. 

What a delightful array of healing recipes! I enjoy the variety ‘n texture of new ingredients; crispy millet croquettes with bright carrot sauce and a smooth, aromatic finish. ~ L.F., Stowe, VT

Emphasis is on mineral-rich stocks, soups, land vegetables, ocean vegetables, seed-like grains, wild fish, pastured meat, and unsalted probiotic food

The following ingredients are not included on meal plans. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by most individuals beginning a new way of eating is turning nutritional recommendations into daily meal plans that can be easily adhered to and enjoyed. Whether you are going gluten-free, faced with an illness, or starting The Body Ecology Diet a meal plan can make life easier. Meal plans are a valuable tool that can be enjoyed by the whole family week after week, despite individual dietary and health needs. 

Tara created a plan that we could eat for days with a happy belly. ~ P.H. San Diego, CA 

Meet Tara

I’m a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and offer nutritional support and meal plans for those with health issues, dietary restrictions, and/or on The Body Ecology Diet. I have worked as a Therapeutic Healing Chef for many years for those with chronic/terminal illness, and most importantly have moved through considerable healing myself. I know about the strength and determination needed to stay on track; to hit the bulls-eye day in and day out; to make a change in the way you eat in order to feel better. I am here to help you feel better.

You are in good hands with Tara. ~ J.S. Worcester, VT.

Healing meal plans when you are:

  • Struggling with a health issue.
  • Struggling with daily task of planning allergen-friendly meals.
  • Healing and want soothing recipes that are anti-inflammatory and easy-to-digest.
  • Unable to cook and want a menu plan in place for a friend/family member to follow.
  • Looking to give your personal chef a menu plan to follow.
  • On a restricted diet and want diversity.
  • Pregnant and want a menu plan in place for prenatal/postpartum healing. 
  • Pregnant and diagnosed with GBS+ with desire to avoid antibiotics at birth.
  • A parent of a child who wants delicious, healthy food that even the pickiest eater will eat.
  • A busy family wanting a plan for quick breakfasts, packed lunches, and easy dinners.
  • Ready for new ideas to freshen up existing daily habits.
  • Curious to sample a menu plan before attempting to create your own.

Our weekly meal plan was an absolute, I couldn’t have done without it. ~ L.H. Australia


  • Steak stir fry with broccoli bisque, arugula salad, and lemon dressing.
  • Millet croquettes with adzuki beans, arame nitsuke, and pickled red onion.
  • Broiled salmon with sweet corn, daikon, cultured vegetables, and rosemary vinaigrette.
  • Lima bean succotash with roasted delicata, curly kale, and zesty Brussels sprouts.

The following ingredients are not included on meal plans. 


All meal plans include a recipe booklet in pdf form. 

  • 3-Day Healing Meal Plan ($200) Lighten your cooking load, with plenty of room to be creative in kitchen. 
  • 5-Day Healing Meal Plan ($250) Have the bulk of your meals figured out, with a couple of days to play with.
  • 7-Day Healing Meal Plan ($300) Make meals easily with an array of dishes that can be rotated in new ways. 

Ready for life to get easier and healthier?

  1. Fill out Intake Form and choose a 3, 5, or 7-day customized meal plan.
  2. Pay here with a credit card or personal check.
  3. Tara will create menu plan (and recipe booklet) in draft form within 4-6 weeks.
  4. Meet by phone/Skype/in-person to review plan and finalize adjustments.

Ingredient Disclosure

Testimonials for Healing Meal Plans

Tara, Holistic Nutritionist

Note: Tara Carpenter, NC. is not a licensed medical practitioner and does not offer a medical service. Tara works in partnership with you to provide a meal plan customized to your dietary/health needs. Always consult a qualified health professional before changing your diet. If you have an acute condition that is not managed, or you are severely restricted in the foods that you tolerate, please contact Tara before booking a menu plan.

May all bellies be happy!

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