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Get Cultured: The Benefit of Unsalted, Probiotic Food

The kind of cultured food that I am talking about here does not contain salt. Examples are cultured buttercreme fraichecoconut kefir, and cultured vegetables. These are all living foods that are made with a special kind of probiotic starter* and NO salt. See why it is good to avoid salt in probiotic-rich foods here.

When you eat unsalted, cultured food, like those listed above, the probiotics living within go straight to your gut (inner ecosystem) and set up shop in there where they make babies, grow in population, and essentially build micro-cities the size of New York City. All in a matter of hours. No joke. Once they settle into your gut lining they support your body and mind in many beneficial ways.The Benefits of Probiotics Living in Unsalted Probiotic-Rich Food

  • Alkalize blood
  • Regulate hormones
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Neutralize and eliminate heavy metals
  • Rich in enzymes and probiotics
  • Strengthen digestive/immune system
  • Kill off yeast overgrowth (Candida)
  • Rebuild intestinal flora
  • Make your husband really cute (milk kefir keeps mine that much cuter!)
  • Help with autoimmune issues as more susceptible to yeast overgrowth
  • Cleaner, easier menstrual periods
  • Counteract side-effects from cortico-steroids, birth control pill, and antibiotics
  • Decrease cancer cell growth
  • Clear skin and shines hair (after an initial cleansing period, cultured food helped my skin be acne free)
  • Helpful for anyone on The Body Ecology

I’m excited to be making cultured veggies and kefir. I can feel them infusing into my body. Feeling sparkly! B.U. Bethel, VT

The #1 thing they do is…

The main thing that unsalted probiotic-rich food does – and why most people eat them – is they nourish the good flora living in your gut that prevent the bad gut flora (i.e. GBSCandida) from multiplying and causing health issues, like a GBS+ infection during pregnancy or a vaginal yeast infection. So, the aim of the game is to make sure that the good flora living in your gut outnumber the bad flora that also naturally live in there.

The good flora in the unsalted, cultured food enter your gut to prevent pathogens living in there from overpopulating and forming harmful toxins. In this way, cultured food is like having internal traffic cops, who make sure that the food you eat goes where it needs to without lingering and making a fuss (or a real stink).

Many things can deplete good gut flora (i.e. sugar, stress, chlorine, antibiotics). When this happens our internal balance in our digestive tract can be thrown off balance. This is how many health issues get started and why it is a good idea to eat unsalted, probiotic food every day…every meal.

Here is a good quiz that you can take to see if yeast overgrowth may be causing you health issues.

Be Aware of Salted Probiotic Food

*Body Ecology’s culture starter contains Lb. Plantarum. One of the strongest probiotic strains you can put in your body. This starter helps you make potent cultured veggies. While most probiotic get destroyed by antibiotics, fluoride, stomach acid, chlorinated water, etc. before they even reach your intestines, Lb. Plantarum arrives safe and sound.

Recipe for Milk Kefir

Be Aware of Salty Probiotic Food

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