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Trashing Trump: through the mouths of children

In September of 2017 I channeled a session about Donald Trump being president of the United States and what came through was that it is important to talk with our children about the president and to hear their views about what is going on right now. The next morning was my turn to carpool my son and friends to school and so or course we talked Trump … the kids were 13, 11, 10, and 8 years old at the time.

Our conversation…

Me: “What do you all think about Donald Trump?”

8 year old: “He is the baddest president. Maybe he will die soon so that we can get a new one”

11 year old: “He would be a good president if he didn’t make people leave our country who look different than white people. They are the good people and not hurting anybody. He is the one who should leave.”

10 year old: “I think he is the worst president ever”

13 year old: “Well, I would like to know what his IQ is. I bet it’s probably like 20”

11 year old: “I think that presidents should have to take a bunch of tests before they get to be president. Kind of like an intelligence test. I mean we have to take tests all the time at school to see if we know what we are doing and talking about. It’s not fair that he got chosen when he does not have his facts straight”

8 year old: “Yea, plus he is mean, I don’t like him”

10 year old: “My cat, Beebles, would be a better president”

11 year old: “I vote for Thomas (the 10 year old) to be president, best president ever”

Chorus of laughter as we arrived at school and they piled out, I sat stunned at how they ridiculed the president of America. How not one of them had an ounce of respect for the president. I grew up with George Bush as president and even then I don’t remember being so comfortable to express my distaste for him. 


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