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Channeled Readings with Tara – Testimonials

Tara’s approach confirms the mind-body connection and its importance in leading a happy life. Her intuition is astounding, as though she were right there with me on the other side of the world! Her ability to connect and receive information is a gift to share. ~ K.L. Tasmania, Australia 

Boy, you just zero right in. ~ L.M. Quebec, Canada

The most helpful thing about my time with Tara were the things I already knew but wasn’t necessarily acknowledging. There was a part of me that didn’t really want to see this, but already knew. Some of the words she used were hard to hear, but true. ~ A.S. Montpelier, VT 

Your centered and focused presence has inspired me to find my own. ~ M.B. Cailas, VT

These are amazing remote sessions. I was blown away at how someone I hadn’t met could explain details about my body without being present. For example, I asked Tara about my digestive issues and she was able to explain every detail inside of my mouth, including how my saliva tasted. What she does is hard to explain, but I highly recommend Tara if you’re curious and in need, to give it a try. ~ Y.W. Owner of Alternivida Retreats, Puerto Rico

It’s truly a remarkable journey to work with you. ~ S.C. Cleveland, OH

I sought Tara out for her work as an Intuitive Channel and found her guidance illuminating, calming and timely. Most importantly, she affirmed things that I already knew deep inside but had not been listening to. I took to heart the information I received and made confident changes in the direction of my life and business; a new direction that puts my personal health and well-being back on track in a position of priority. I recommend Tara for anyone that is at a crossroads, or, in a stagnant place needing inspiration to create change. ~ P.W. Ithaca, NY

As a new mom, I’m grateful for your help. You read my baby well and your skills are sharply honed even from afar. ~ D.G. Stratford, CN

I met Tara at Esalen in Big Sur, CA. Seeing her way with eating and health, was a huge impact and inspiration. In many ways it marked the beginning of so much I’ve done with food. Thank you, Tara. ~ Jessie Theroux, CA (author of Cooking with Italian Grandmothers)

Potent work, certainly a clear channel. ~ B.M. Burlington, VT

The information you provided has untangled whatever was happening in my body. Changing my diet ruled out my gut as the issue, everything there feels great. I trust your intuition and believe my health is benefiting as a result. I wish I’d been better prepared with a food list so I could’ve asked about more specific foods that I’m uncertain about eating. ~ A.M. Middlesex, VT

Within a week of our reading, my baby’s eczema patches began to clear and he is no longer waking up as much at night. I’m glad to know alternative ways to help him. I’m telling all my mommy friends about you! ~ H.J. Denver, CO

Katie’s colic began to show at 3 weeks old. Every night she’d scream from 7-11pm, her face red and body rigid. It was terrible and nothing helped. I met with Tara by phone and after two readings the colic eased. She began to burp, fart, and her scream turned into more of a grumpy cry. Now, she’s such a cuddle bug 💞 ~ B.K. Lakeland, FL

I found the whole experience moving and incredible. I loved hearing how happy I sounded and how prepared I am for this baby. That made me feel acknowledged. I also felt tremendous support and understanding for the issues I needed addressed and things that were suggested were right on point. I enjoyed my phone session; beautiful and powerful. ~ R.G. Scituate, MA

I have ADHD and on adderall since I was a teen. The side effects were awful and I wanted another way. I found Tara online and scheduled a reading, then another, and another. Within a month, I had a plan in a place and saw light at the end of tunnel. My mood swing lessened, and with my doctor’s help, I lowered my medicine. Tara’s ideas were invaluable and put me on the path for who I am. The diet changes are hard but worth it. Bless you Tara for your knowledge and skill. ~ H.T. Liverpool, England

I appreciate the raw data without the judgment. J.R. Waterbury, VT

There was palpable excitement in the tone of your voice, as if you were a fountain overflowing with information and insight that extended far beyond the nutritional support I came looking for and into the realm of personal growth and transformation. This can be edgy terrain and it felt as if you went there without reservation. ~ C.K. Cabot, VT (painted picture on left, after her session)

Thank you for such a sweet session, mine was perfect. ~ M.B. Cabot, VT

I consulted with Tara for over a month and though at first I wasn’t sure why, I found myself wanting to hear more in order to improve aspects of my life. It’s no understatement to say that I never considered my nutrition to be of such pivotal relevance to my growth, success, and well-being. Thanks to Tara’s knowledge, awareness, loving presence, and honed professional skills, I have been guided to a place where I am improving daily.  ~ S.M. Bogotá, Colombia



Tara, Intuitive Channel


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