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Channeled Readings with Tara – Testimonials

There was a palpable excitement in the tone of your voice, as if you were a fountain overflowing with information and insight that extended far beyond the nutritional support I came looking for and into the realm of personal growth and transformation. This can be edgy terrain and it felt as if you went there without reservation. ~ C.K. Cabot, VT (painted the picture you see here after her session)

Boy, you just zero right in. ~ L.M. Quebec, Canada

The information that you provided has helped me to untangle whatever is happening with my body. Changing my diet has ruled out my gut as the issue, everything there is feeling great. I trust your intuition and believe that my health is benefiting as a result. I do wish that I’d been better prepared with a food list so that I could have asked you about more specific foods that I’m uncertain about eating. A.M. Middlesex, VT

Tara ROCKS. During my reading I seriously felt like she was sitting inside of my body, feeling what I felt. I hung up the phone empowered and more in control of my health issues. ~ A.K. Bangor, ME

These are amazing remote sessions. I was blown away at how someone I hadn’t even met could explain details about my body without being present. For example, I asked Tara about my digestive issues and she was able to explain every detail inside of my mouth, including how my saliva tasted. What she does is hard to explain, but I highly recommend Tara if you’re curious and in need, to give it a try. ~ Y.W. Owner of Alternivida Retreats, Puerto Rico

“It is truly a remarkable journey to work with you.”  S.C. Cleveland, OH.

I found the whole experience to be moving and incredible. I loved hearing how happy I sounded and how prepared I felt for this new baby. That made me feel so good and acknowledged. I also felt tremendous support and understanding for what issues I needed addressed and the things that were suggested were right on point and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my phone session, it was beautiful and powerful. ~ R.G. Scituate, MA

Thank you for such a sweet session, mine was perfect. ~ M.B. Cabot, VT

The most helpful thing about my time with Tara were the things I already knew but wasn’t necessarily acknowledging. There was a part of me that didn’t really want to see this, but already knew. Some of the words she used were hard to hear, but true. ~ A.S. Montpelier, VT 

I’m grateful for your inspiring presence. Your centered and focused manner helps me find my own. ~ M.K. Boulder, CO 

Tara’s approach confirms the mind-body connection and its importance in leading a happy life. Her intuition is astounding, as though she were right there with me on the other side of the world! Her ability to connect and receive information is a gift to share. ~ K.L. Tasmania, Australia 

It’s a remarkable journey to work with you, every time. ~ R.P. Austin, TX

I’ve had ADD (attention deficit disorder) since I was a teenager and on Adderall ever since. The side effects were awful and I wanted another way. I found Tara online and scheduled a reading. Then another and one more. Within a month, I had a plan in a place and could see light at the end of the tunnel. My mood swings significantly lessened and with the help of my doctor I’ve begun to lower my medicine. I’ll probably always need a low dose but Tara’s suggestions were invaluable and put me on the right path for who I am. The dietary changes are hard but worth it. Bless you Tara for your knowledge and skill. ~ H.T. Liverpool, England

As a new mom, I’m grateful for your help. You read my baby so well and your skills are sharply honed even from far away! ~ D.G. Stratford, CN

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