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Channeled Readings – DISCLAIMER

I, Tara Carpenter, am an Intuitive Channel. The readings that I conduct are for informational purposes only and are subject to your own interpretation. I am simply an “interpreter”; speaking out loud what I hear and perceive. This may come forward as words, colors, taste, body sensations, or sounds.

I am not a licensed physician, therapist, lawyer, or clergy member. Channeled readings do not diagnose disease or state that you have (or do not have) a disease. Instead, they provide information that is helpful in that moment in time. Information provided does not replace medical, nutritional, psychological, or other health treatments that you are currently receiving for any condition whatsoever, now or in the future. Always consult with your primary care provider before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or prescription drug use.

By purchasing a channeled reading, you agree that your reading is subject to your own interpretation and that you have read this disclaimer. You agree that you assume all responsibility for the use, or misuse, of the information that you receive. You agree to take responsibility for yourself however you choose to use, or not use, the information that you receive. You agree that the advice given in any reading does not constitute psychological or medical advice. You agree to contact your licensed health care provider about any areas that remain in doubt or concern; especially if you are moving through an illness and want to make a change to your current way of eating.

All personal information received by you, the client, is kept strictly confidential. There is no sharing of personal addresses or emails with any other party.

Please contact Tara with questions.

May all bellies be happy!

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