BED Easter

Celebrating Easter on The Body Ecology Diet

Celebrating Easter on B.E.D.

These fun, alternative Easter ideas are for Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) or another gut healing protocol. My own kids started B.E.D. when they were 2 and 7, so I’ve had years to perfect the holidays; Easter is by far the easiest 😉

BED Easter

Easter Colors…What Would Mary Do?

Ben Easter Eggs-2006As a mom wearing the Holistic Nutritionist hat, I put my foot down on man-made colors. There’s nothing about ’em I feel good with and I don’t feed ’em to my kids, even on celebratory days. So what’s a mom to do about Easter eggs?

BED Recipe

Creamy Carrot Butter Recipe (dairy-free)

This delicious spread can be for waffles, pancakes, or crackers. I created this recipe during my days on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) to heal a yeast infection and horrible gut issues. One of the principles of this way of eating is food combining; which I did to a “T” and now help others to do with my nutritional support.

My boys were young at the time and loved waffles and pancakes, yet I was stumped how to top them. What kind of spread would be a good food combination and taste good and not feed the excess yeast, bacteria, and viruses so many people are trying to get in balance?? Enter creamy carrot butter …. simply delicious and healthy all at once.

Take things further with cultured butter, pesto, + hemp seeds = YUM

Creamy Carrot Butter

Serves 4


5 cups carrots, cut in 1″ chunks

1 cup water

BED Body Ecology Diet

The Nerdy Part of Food Combining

The Nerdy Part of Food Combininggut

I’m a fan of food combining; something I learned of while on B.E.D to heal yeast overgrowth. Now, years later I continue to do this with most of my meals and I swear by practicing this one principle is the main reason I rarely feel bloated or get stomach issues.

Proper food combining happens when you eat compatible foods (a.k.a. go well with each other). In nerdy terms of digestive chemistry the term proper food combining means “what foods to eat with what”.

Different food groups (starches, protein, fruit) require different digestion times and different gastric juices to break ’em down. Sound complicated? It’s not! I’ve food combined for years, so do my kids 🙂