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Easter Colors…What Would Mary Do?

Ben Easter Eggs-2006As a mom, who also wears the hat of a Holistic Nutritionist, I put my foot down on man-made colors. There’s nothing about them that I feel good about don’t feed them to my kids, even on celebratory days. So what’s a mom like me to do about Easter eggs??

I love the tradition of egg dyeing and grew up using the PAAS Kits. That smell of vinegar and the fizzy colors were magical and I loved finding the eggs – so bright and bold – in the green grass where they hid Easter morning. I want my kids to have these memories too.

But, how those super bright eggs from my childhood got their color is something I can’t ignore. As a kid I could care less, as a mom, I care a lot. Artificial dyes, many of which are banned in parts of the world, are toxic and potentially carcinogenic, esp. orange #1 and red #2.

So, we made the switch to dying our eggs with homemade, real food dye. It took a couple years to get it down but we did. Definitely not as quick ‘n easy as fizzy tablets, or as colorful, but they are earthy and beautiful in their own way 🌷 Here’s the recipe I use to dye eggs naturallyThis one is good too.

Now, I feel good about my kids eating eggs that have been colored. And when Easter rolls around my kids don’t blink an eye at the onion skins and paprika marinating for orange dye. Or, the coffee brewing with dill seeds for brown dye. Or, the beets for purple eggs. Their favorite is to draw pictures on the eggs with a grey crayon before dipping them in the dye. 

Who knows, maybe they’ll think up some new colors when they’ve got kids of their own…

Want a quicker and easier option? If you want to make naturally-dyed eggs without spending extra time boiling fruits and veggies, this kit looks like a good option. The dyes are made from fruits, herbs and veggies – all you need to add is hot water.

Easter Egg 2006

Celebrating Easter on B.E.D. (Body Ecology Diet)

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May all bellies be happy!

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