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How To Get A Man Into B.E.D. (The Body Ecology Diet)

I want to share how life was for my husband and I in the food/intimacy department while I was healing myself with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). I write this because I think it’s a big deal to invite someone into the most intimate parts of yourself; especially when you are healing your body.

Interview with my husband here.

As a Holistic Nutritionist for those on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.), I hear stories from women who work to heal themselves. Meanwhile their partner is in the living room downing cookies, wanting to make love as usual. This can put a real twist in a relationship and if communication is not well-oiled can cause tension. When a person, man or woman, begins to change their way of living/eating, they often want their partner to live/eat the same way. Beginning B.E.D. is no different.

My own eyes opened up when I started this diet. I was filled with desire to walk with more intention and the more I cleansed my body, the more wary I became about who I romantically shared my body with. 

I started B.E.D. in 2010 after being diagnosed with systemic yeast overgrowth (aka Candida). I was healing and the last thing I wanted was to start a new relationship. Yet, that’s exactly when Tomas (who is now my husband) walked into my life. Did I mention I was also a single mom of 2 young boys?? It was love at first sight. Meanwhile, I was on stage 1 doing colonics, green smoothies, and hitting the bulls-eye everyday with B.E.D.’s principles to stay on track with myself and my health.

So, what to do with this sweet man that wanted to be intimate? I panicked. I could see he had health issues (strong breath, dandruff, body odor) from years of smoking, drinking, and eating poorly. I’d done so much to heal myself and the last thing I wanted was to recontaminate myself by being intimate with someone who likely also had yeast overgrowth. It was an awkward time as I found words to communicate with Tomas about how I felt. It’s been 8 years now since we met and I am proud to say that we are going strong ♡ 

Luckily he’s got an open-mind and loved me more than his ‘bad’ habits.

I interviewed my husband about this time in our lives, how we navigated the path to honest intimacy, while staying on track with our individual health issues.

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