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Using B.E.D. for Vaginal Yeast Infections

If you get vaginal yeast infections more often then you’d like, I highly recommend The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). I could go on and on about this way of eating. I personally adhered to stage 1 for three years in 2010 after being diagnosed with a systemic yeast infection; which included lots of itching and discomfort ‘down below’.

Hands down, I think B.E.D. is one of the best ‘yeast killing’ protocol out there and my family and I continue to follow it’s underlying principles

Why We Get Infected

Vaginal yeast infections, a.k.a. vulvovaginal candidiasis, tend to stem from an overgrowth of yeast in the inner ecosystem/gut. Under normal circumstances, yeast organisms are kept in control by probiotics (good flora) that also live in gut.

Many things allow the yeast to grow in excess numbers and become unmanageable for the good flora (i.e. antibiotics, sugar, “the pill”). If these yeast critters get out of control, you are more likely to get a yeast infection; whether in the vagina, on the penis, or in the blood like I did (a.k.a. systemic yeast infection).

Where to Start

Don’t know where to start? Remove the BIGS (i.e. sugar, pasteurized dairy, yeast, gluten). Introduce probiotic food (i.e. young coconut kefirunsalted cultured veggies). These adjustments alone can do wonders at resetting the human body.

Starving Yeast

The most important thing to do to minimize the frequency with which you get yeast infections is STOP eating foods that feed yeast and enable them to grow and survive (i.e. sugar, gluten, processed carbs). When these foods are avoided, you starve the yeast and eventually they will starve to death and get pushed out of the body; a process called “die-off”.

This process can be accelerated by eating probiotic food on a regular basis because the friendly flora in these foods embed themselves in gut lining where they grow in large populations and push out the bad flora. Think of a bunch of friendly people moving to a neighborhood; sooner or later mean people are going to leave or be kicked out. Practicing B.E.D. can help you accomplish the task of kicking yeast out because the foods allowed are ones that don’t feed excess yeast. Again, without the right food, the yeast will starve and die and you’ll have an easier time getting back in balance. 

Here are two essential oils to help remove excess yeast. 


If your’e in the midst of healing with The Body Ecology Diet and get itchy or burn down below, don’t despair. You’re likely moving through a period of cleansing while the dead yeast are eliminated through the vagina and other body openings (i.e. mouth, nose, rectum). “Die-off” is a common and natural part of cleansing. There are many ways to manage die-off symptoms like doing a colonic, making unsalted probiotic food or popping in a bolus 😉

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