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B.E.D. Support with Tara – Testimonials

I discovered Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) at a time in my life when I was stuck in a relationship that didn’t feel good and stuck in a body that didn’t feel good. I had spent years struggling with my health and various versions of disordered eating. I was 100 lbs overweight, my joints hurt, I was chronically exhausted, and had a hopelessly weak constitution; something I feared would last my whole life. I was only 23. Read more here.” ~ HL, NY, NY (owner of In Body OM, yoga and postural educator, professional cuddler)

I need to study what we discussed today; thank you for everything. You really took me off the B.E.D. ledge and I am taking your observations and feedback to heart. I need to digest them. ~ AT, Warrenville, IL

You’re like a B.E.D. personal encyclopedia, spouting things off without seeming to try! ~ LM, Cape Cod, MA

Tara, you are full of good information. As the saying goes: “It’s only a one degree difference for water to boil”…You’re that degree that helps me stay on B.E.D. Thank you! SC, Cleveland, OH

I have struggled with diabetes and endometriosis for years. In 9 weeks, with Tara’s support, I have lost 5 pounds and know how to move forward to keep feeling better. ~ SL, Dartmouth, NH

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and suggestions today. If anyone needs support with nutrition or menu planning while practicing The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.), I highly recommend having a phone consult with Tara; I feel 100% refreshed and focused again. SP, Laguna Beach, CA (owner of Tiny Laguna Kitchen)

It is an honor to write a testimonial for you Tara.  You change lives for the better and your manner is supportive and gentle in meeting people where they are; allowing and supporting them to proceed at their own schedule which has taken ALL the pressure off and encourages me to slowly, and at my own pace, incorporate these health promoting eating habits. ~ BC, Orlando, Florida 

Tara is amazing! When you don’t feel good and feel foggy, it helps to have someone on the track to shine a bright light 💡 so we can get where we need to go 😉 I’ve tried 4 autism diets for my son and B.E.D. has helped both my son and myself thrive. ~ KM, Oregon (owner of Method of Hope)

I came to B.E.D. to heal my thyroid and avoid surgery, but was confused on how to do the diet given all the food sensitivities that I have. Tara simplified everything and gave special attention to foods that could aggravate my thyroid. I followed her suggestions to a “T” and have not had my thyroid removed. ~ GP, Perth, Australia

I am grateful for Donna Gates and what she has exposed me to, and to Tara for helping me put it all into bite-sized pieces that I can weave into my busy life. ~ GH, Ontario, Canada

I met with Tara weekly for a 6-week period for a constipation issue. During that time I began to poop daily, rather than once every 10 days. Tara’s bag of tricks and supportive guidance made all the difference. ~ PK, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I appreciate you pointing out in the last session that I am young and therefore may not take as long to heal. I often forget that I am young because my body feels old with aches and pains. ~ HL, NY, NY

I marvel at the emotional and spiritual healing I am moving through as I work with Tara to heal my gut and make probiotic food. These are issues that I have struggled with for YEARS and in a few short weeks, I feel lighter and more present than ever. ~ PT, Miami, FL

I want to schedule a B.E.D. Session! I have yeast overgrowth and need help with creative ideas for diversifying meals and plans. I take off every other Friday as a self-care day and would LOVE to work with you as part of caring for myself. ~ HL, NY, NY. 

I was diagnosed with ADD as a teenager and put on medication with side effects. I wanted another way and found Tara online and scheduled a Start Up. Within a month, I had a plan and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mood swings lessened and with the help of my doctor I have begun to lower my medicine. I may always take a low dose, but know in my gut that implementing Tara’s dietary suggestions has put me on the right path with who I am. The dietary changes are hard work but so worth it. Bless you Tara for your knowledge and skill. ~ TH, Dublin, Ireland

I met Tara at Esalen in Big Sur, CA 15 yrs ago. Seeing her way of eating and living was a huge impact and inspiration; in many ways it marked the beginning of so much I’ve done with my own life. Thank you, Tara. ~ JT, Providence, RI (author of Cooking with Italian Grandmothers)

I understand how overwhelming it is to consider doing The Body Ecology Diet, but you are in good hands with Tara. She helped my family navigate this path too. ~ RT, Acton, MA

Tara has a great service that is informative and feels like you are chatting with her over a cup of tea in the kitchen. Her words are heartwarming and I feel safe and trust her; which is important when making such big lifestyle and dietary changes. ~ K.L., Tasmania, Australia

B.E.D. Support Sessions with Tara 


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