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B.E.D. Support with Tara – Testimonials

What a delightful array of recipes I’ve received from working with Tara! I’m enjoying the variety and texture of new ingredients. Crispy millet croquettes and bright carrot sauce with a smooth, aromatic finish. Best of all, these delicious dishes don’t leave me bloated like a lot of food. ~ LF, Stowe, VT

Thank you for being my Body Ecology Rockstar to look up to! ~ FM, Lincoln, NE.

I want to schedule a B.E.D. Support session asap! I have yeast overgrowth and need help with creative ideas for diversifying my meals and planning. I take off every other Friday as a self-care day and would LOVE to work with you as part of caring for myself. ~ HM, Randolph, VT

Tara created a meal plan for us that we could eat for days and is good for our bellies! ~ PH, San Diego, CA 

I met Tara at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA 15 yrs ago. Seeing her way of eating and living was a huge impact and inspiration. In many ways it marked the beginning of so much I’ve done with my own life. Thank you, Tara. ~ JT, Providence, RI (author of Cooking with Italian Grandmothers)

I’m grateful for your words of encouragement and appreciate you pointing out in the last session that I’m young and therefore may not take as long to heal. I often forget how young I am, because my body feels so old with all of these aches and pains. ~ TK, Anchorage, AK.

You’re like a B.E.D. personal encyclopedia, spouting things off without seeming to try! ~ LM, Cape Cod, MA

Tara, thank you very much! I need to study what we discussed today. I’m grateful talking with you and talking me off of the BED ledge! I took your observations and feedback to heart, and need to ‘digest’ them. ~ AT, Warrenville, IL

Thank you for helping me sort out all the food stuff going on in my house and for the waffle recipe! Changing to a new diet is a lot to deal with and when I got on the phone with you I felt scrambled and overwhelmed. I hung up feeling lighter knowing that I can do this. ~ SD, Baltimore, MD (mom of 3 kids, 1 autistic kid + 1 gluten-free husband)

I’ve struggled with diabetes and endometriosis for years and in 9 weeks I’ve lost 5 lbs and know how to move forward to keep feeling better. ~ SL, Dartmouth, NH

Tara helped when I was 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I’d been diagnosed with GBS+ with my last baby and I didn’t want to take antibiotics with this baby. She helped me to navigate B.E.D. safely and design a weekly menu plan that took into consideration the rest of my family’s dietary needs. I followed her suggestions throughout pregnancy and was able to have a vaginal birth without antibiotics. We still use her recipes regularly and all are delicious! ~ SH, Syracuse, NY

I’m marveling at the emotional and spiritual healing I’m moving through as I heal my gut with BED and probiotic food. These are issues I’ve struggled with for YEARS and in a few short weeks, I feel lighter and more present than ever. ~ PT, Miami, FL

I came to B.E.D. to heal my hyperthyroid and avoid surgery. I was confused on how to do the diet because there are many foods I can’t eat because of my issue. Tara simplified everything and gave special attention to avoiding foods that’d aggravate my thyroid. I’ve followed her suggestions to a “T” and haven’t had my thyroid removed. ~ GP, Perth, Australia

I’m excited to be making cultured vegetables. This part of BED was hardest for me to figure out, but I did it with your help! These foods are infusing my body and I feel sparkly! ~ BU, Bethel, VT

I’m grateful for Donna Gates and what she exposed me to, and for Tara for helping me put it all into bite-sized pieces that I can weave into my busy life. ~ GH, Ontario, Canada

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and suggestions with me. If anyone needs supports, I highly recommend doing a call with Tara. Feel 100% refreshed & focused again. SP, Laguna Beach, CA

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